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What is Hinglish News?

Hinglish News is formed to deliver unbiased and authentic information from a neutral point of view. While mainstream media keeps you busy with the buzz, we bring ground-level information given by writers all over the globle. We don’t post general news but real information that comes from people living in the area we are talking about or experienced the situation we are writing the story about.

Who Operates Hinglish News?

Hinglish News is operated by a bunch of writers who contribute with the authentic information in their free time. However, some of us are regular, therefore you will find content uploaded daily. We are not affiliated with any kind of news agency, mainstream media, or any political party. All of the information, blogs, or articles published here represent the neutral or personal thought of the writer. You will find the author name at the end of every post.

Does Hinglish News Have its Sister Websites?

Yes, Hinglish News does have three sister websites. LifeStyle News is the first among them, publishing content related to celeb news, fitness, fashion, love, and life. Educationist is the second among them, publishng content related to latest job vacancy, career tips, free study material, in-depth research, and other tutorials. And the third among them is Adnana Alexe which is the replica of LifeStyle News in Roamnian language.

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