Male Fertility Study: Wi-Fi Technology Affects Sperm Quality!

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Have you been trying to make a baby for a while and yet have not succeeded? Japanese researcher Kumiko Nakata discovered that WI-FI technology affects male fertility.

More specifically, electromagnetic waves emitted by devices using Wi-Fi technology, such as mobile phones or internet routers. It seems that they can significantly affect sperm quality.

30% Of Problems Are Caused by Male Fertility

According to statistics published by the World Health Organization, almost 15% of couples worldwide experience problems related to procreation. And at least 1 out of 3 problems is related to male infertility. Obviously, male infertility can be caused by a number of factors, such as pollution, stress, poor nutrition or genetic causes.

Apparently, however, even an insignificant thing such as keeping the mobile phone in the pockets of your trousers may be an obstacle in the attempts of having a baby.

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WI-FI Wave Experiment Exposure

Japanese scientists took a group of 51 men whom they divided into three groups. Volunteers were asked to use Wi-Fi wave devices that replicate mobile phones. The devices of volunteers in the first group were not connected to a Wi-Fi router.

Volunteers in the second group were exposed to electromagnetic waves Wi-Fi but had a shield of protection against these waves. Volunteers in the third group were exposed without any protection. Their Wi-Fi devices were placed close to a Wi-Fi wave generator, mimicking the way a mobile phone is worn in pants. At different time intervals, samples were collected.

The sperm quality was affected after 2 hours!

The results were alarming. If, after 30 minutes of exposure, no noticeable effect has been registered, the longer exposure has shown a significant male fertility difference.

After 2 hours of exposure, the mobility of the specimens was 53.3% in the group that was not exposed, 44.9% in the group that had a protective shield and only 26.4% in the exposed group. After 24 hours the infertile sperm count in the exposed group was 23.3%, compared with 8.4% in the group that was not exposed.

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Worldwide there are more phones than people!

Statistics indicate that, currently, worldwide there are more mobile phones than people, which means that some people have 2 or more phones, and the effect of electromagnetic waves generated is too serious to be ignored. Be careful, male fertility is not easy to cure!

Male Fertility, the best remedy is prevention!

The conclusions of the study showed the incidence and damage degree that electromagnetic waves have on reproductive capacity. Study leader Dr. Nakata believes that a simple solution to solving this male fertility problem can be keeping your mobile phone on the desk, not in your trouser pocket.

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