What Turns Men On? 10 Easy Ways How to Turn Him On?

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Being in a relationship is not just about lovey-dovey stuff. You also need to know what turns men on as physical intimacy is as much important as emotional connectivity. That’s the reason we have brought you the list of 10 easy ways how to turn him on. If you have been struggling to level up his enthusiasm for physical love, this article is going to help you in so many ways.

First of all, you need to know whether or not your boyfriend or husband is in the mood. For example, if he had a rough day, he would not respond to your naughty behavior. Instead, he might end up getting upset. Thus, you must determine his mood and then accordingly try to do anything. Try to talk to him. Ask whether he wants a coffee or simply wants to sit alone.

Once he is chilled and ready to focus on what you have to say, you can show your charisma. Here are some effective ways that help you on ‘how to turn him on‘ for an amazing night as well as some unforgettable moments.

Discover 10 Easy Ways How to Turn Him On

Submissive Nature

Even though they don’t accept it, guys usually love a girl with submissive nature. When he tries to do something and gets a positive response from his partner, his mood instantly gets spiced up. If you are wondering what turns men on, this is the first thing you should keep in mind. In the list of 10 easy ways how to turn him on in bed, it stands at number one.


While most of the guys hardly want attention, yet it plays a significant role when it comes to lovemaking. Even though they do not let you feel, they require some attention. So, if you are sharing some quality time with your boyfriend or husband, pay attention to what he has to say. Remember, it’s not just the dirty talks that excite their mood.

Red Lipsticks

While it might not apply to everyone, the majority of guys get aroused whenever they see a girl wearing red lipstick. It is the easiest method to grab his attention and pull him instantly in bed. However, avoid using the same trick over and over again as the human brain quickly gets used to anything. Try to keep variation in the ways you try to arouse him. If many girls (that post their experience on Quora) are to be believed, applying red lipsticks are one of those 10 easy ways how to turn him on.

Get a Bit Touchy

Most of the men can only show their affection through physical contact. Means, if your partner tries to touch your hand or shoulders, do not need to get panic. It is one of their ways to show the immense love they have within. Instead of getting angry, if you love him, respond by getting a bit touchy. Hold his hands or try to make him feed you by his hands. It is one of those 10 easy methods to get him in bed.


When you try to say something to him through whispers, he just loves it. A few things need to be said quietly. When you two are in a beautiful conversation, make him realize you are listening to every word coming out of his mouth.

Wearing His Favorites

Believe it or not, many guys have a clear characteristic of his dream girl in his mind. I don’t know if you have noticed, but there must be some certain dresses that he likes the most. When you put them on, they go crazy in no time. Wearing his favorites are what turns men on. In case he was too shy to tell you about his preferences, you can notice his reaction on what you wear. Then, you will know how to turn him on.

Semi-Transparent Dress with Sexy Bra Underneath

A glimpse of your hidden beauty is itself one of the best ways to turn a man on. So, why not flaunt it when you are on a date with him? Find a dress that’s semi-transparent or thick enough that gives him a mild glimpse of that sexy bra you have underneath. If people – who regularly post on Reddit – are to be believed, this is what arouses them the most.

Show that You Trust Him

A guy can never be happier than the moment you make him realize you trust him the most. When you two are alone, you can wear some revealing outfits. Every man out there notices when you have put on something really attractive. Prefer shorts with shirts. Figure-hugging outfits are one of those 10 easy ways to turn him on.

Domination Spices Things Up

It’s not just submissive nature what turns men on, but dominative nature also plays a key role in spicing things up. When you show him your skills in bed, he gets to know that his girl is no way less experienced than him.

Talking About Different Lovemaking Activities

A romantic conversation can do wonders. Start with a decent conversation and then try to change its direction to intimacy. Talk about the best lovemaking positions and determine what excites his mood the most. An engaging conversation flashing the scene virtually in his mind through a beautiful set of words can actually spice his mood up.

There you have it all, divas. Now you know about the 10 easy ways how to turn him on. So, when are you going to try it with your partner?

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