What Does Sugar Do To Your Hair: The Connection Between Sugar & Hair Loss

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Excessive sugar intake leads to addiction, causes cardiovascular disease, promotes the development of tumors, and the list of side effects it has on the body can continue. However, recent studies show that this is also one of the factors that lead to hair loss. Read more to find out what does sugar do to your hair.

What Does Sugar Do to Your Hair? Connection Between Sugar & Hair Loss

What Does Sugar Do To Your Hair: The Connection Between Sugar & Hair Loss


Not long ago, hair loss was associated with a high level of stress or genetic inheritance. However, recent studies have added to the list of factors that influence hair loss and nutrition, especially excessive sugar consumption.

Sugar is one of the most harmful ingredients for the health of our bodies. Not only is it responsible for the extra pounds, but it also ages the skin, causes addiction, increases the level of stress, can trigger liver disease, kidney failure or cataract. But this list also adds the problems related to what does sugar do to your hair health.

Three different studies, conducted on this topic in Mexico, Taiwan and Turkey, have reached the same conclusion: hair loss is influenced by the foods we consume. Research has shown that men with insulin resistance (which can lead to diseases such as diabetes or obesity) are more likely to lose their hair. And insulin resistance is most often caused by a diet high in sugar and refined foods.

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Changing the level of insulin and testosterone

Consuming too much sugar, increase the level of sugar in the blood, which leads to changes in hormones such as insulin, cortisol, testosterone or DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). And testosterone fluctuations can directly affect the hair follicles, which results in hair loss. Sugar also affects the quality of the scalp.

Hair Follicles aging

The high sugar consumption causes a chemical reaction called glycation, which affects both the function and the stability of the proteins. In turn, this phenomenon leads to body’s cells aging, including hair follicles, which will gradually disintegrate. And thus, you will notice that you will lose more and more hairs.  What does sugar do to your hair it’s terrible.

Thyroid gland imbalances

Sugar causes insulin fluctuations, leading to thyroid gland disorder. The thyroid gland is responsible for the release of hormones, essential for healthy and strong hair. If the activity of the thyroid gland is altered, it can directly affect the life cycle of the hair, leading to its loss. That’s what does sugar do to your hair!

The effects of diabetes

People with diabetes have a level above the normal limit of sugar in the body. In the case of this disease, glucose can no longer be absorbed into the body’s cells, which is why it begins to collect in the blood. Thus, fat deposits will form on the veins and arteries that result in poor circulation. And poor circulation is responsible for hair loss, because the nutrients needed for hair growth do not reach the hair follicles anymore.

Absence of nutrients

Refined foods containing sugar rather than essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body such as vitamin E, D or iron. Thus, body cannot perform its functions normally without these nutrients, and these include hair growth and regeneration. Therefore, a diet low in vegetables, fruits or fish, is one of the main factors of hair loss.

Now you know what does sugar do to your hair, perhaps you should think twice before consuming too much sugar.

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