Weight Loss Diet by Age: How to Lose Up to 5 Kg in 7 Days?

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The human body reacts differently to lean diets. As you get older, your metabolism becomes slower, your hormonal changes influence your mood, and your digestive system, unfortunately, no longer functions in the usual way. If you want to lose weight, it is best to choose the diet according to your age. We have prepared the list of weight loss diet by age. By following the right diet, you can lose up to 5 kgs in just 7 days. So, check which category you fall in and choose a diet carefully.

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Before we start, there are a few things you need to remember. See below:

Weight Loss Diet by Age: Things to Remember

Your lifestyle has a significant impact on your body. With growing age and wrong diets, your metabolism becomes slower. Which means you can’t digest food as quickly as you were previously. So, before you choose weight loss diet by age, keep the following in your mind.

  • Don’t skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Consume high fibre foods. Here are some ideas for a healthy breakfast.
  • Give up carbonated drinks or limit consumption and drink at least 2 litres of water per day.
  • Give up fried foods.
  • Stop consuming sweets or processed foods. You can substitute sugar with honey.
  • Try to eat at fixed times, three meals a day and two snacks.
  • for an evening meal with light foods, for better digestion.
  • Take a walk daily.

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Weight Loss Diet by Age: For 20-Years-Old People

When you are 20-years-old or around it, your body is mutable. It adapts to changes faster, burns the fat more quickly, and repairs the internal damages more quickly. Therefore, at this age, it is not necessarily required to follow a weight loss diet. Instead, you can control what you are eating. Here is the list of things you need to do.

  • Breakfast: You can eat 40 grams cereals (corn or oat flakes) along with 150 ml milk. You can also add one fruit of your choice.
  • Lunch: You can eat 130 grams fish, 100 grams lean meat, 200 grams raw or prepared vegetables, 60 grams bread, 15 grams olive oil, fruits, and yogurt/curd.
  • Snacks: 20 grams dark chocolate and 40 grams of bread.
  • Dinner: 150 grams prepared or raw vegetables along with one tablespoon of vegetable oil, one fruit of your choice, and 30 grams cheese.

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Weight Loss Diet by Age: For 30-40-Years-Old People

After the age of 30, the ageing process begins. At this age, you have already lived half of your life, and many unpleasant things start appearing in your life, such as emotional disbalance, extra weight, and fatigue. It becomes challenging to lose weight, and you start seeing signs of random diseases. By the age of 40, your body becomes less resistant, and you are more prone to infections. Therefore, you need to follow weight loss diet by age, which we are sharing for 30-40-years older people. See below:

  • Breakfast: 10 grams butter, 60 grams of bread, dietary yogurt/curd, and one spoon of sweets.
  • Lunch: 150 grams steamed vegetables, 150 grams olive oil pasta, 40 grams of Tuna, and a fruit of your choice. Here are some ideas for delicious pasta.
  • Dinner: 130 grams lean meat, 250 ml vegetable soup, 40 grams bread, 30 grams cheese, and a fruit of your choice.

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Weight Loss Diet by Age: For 40-50-Years-Old People

After crossing the age of 40, your body is now more prone to all kinds of diseases. Your immune system has started failing, and it can no longer protect you from unwanted problems, at least not without some medical aids. At this age, especially woman, are more prone to higher blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and heart diseases. Therefore, your weight loss diet by age needs to have Vitamin B and C. Check out the diet for 40-50-years-old people below:

  • Breakfast: 150 ml skim milk, 10 grams butter, and a teaspoon of sweets.
  • Lunch: 50 grams fish or one egg, fat-free yogurt/curd, 150 grams grilled vegetables with a little bit of olive oil, and a fruit of your choice.
  • Dinner: 60 ml cream, 150 grams pasta, 40 grams, bread, 150 grams lean fish, 30 grams cheese, and a fruit of your choice.

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Weight Loss Diet by Age: For People Over 50 Years

At this age, it is hard to lose weight. Even the weight loss diet by age hardly works. Your body requires food rich in minerals because your bones are now suffering. You will feel pain in joints while moving. Women are even more prone to osteoporosis. At this age, your diet requires dairy products, fresh vegetables, and fruits regularly. Check what to eat for people over 50 years in age.

  • Breakfast: 8 grams butter, 60 grams bread, 50 ml semi-skimmed milk, and one fruit of your choice.
  • Lunch: Yogurt, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 100 grams lean meat, 100 grams raw vegetables, 150 grams pasta, and one fruit of your choice.
  • Snacks: 40 grams of cheese and 60 grams of bread.
  • Dinner: One tablespoon of olive oil, 80 grams fish, 300 ml vegetable soup, yogurt/curd, and one fruit of your choice.

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While the diets above are good for weight loss, you still need to contact your doctor before adopting any of them. The information published above is gathered from different sources available on the internet. Also, the result of these diets may vary among people. Ideally, people will lose 3 to 5 kgs in 7 days.

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