Vegan Cherry Smoothie – Healthy and Nutritious Recipe for Breakfast!


This Vegan Cherry Smoothie, in combination with bananas, is addicting, quick, delicious, and filling. Perfect for a healthy breakfast or a quick snack anytime! Five ingredients, a blender, and magic happen! 


Vegan Cherry Smoothie - Healthy and Nutritious Recipe for Breakfast!

This recipe is just amazing! It requires only five ingredients, and the taste is going to make you happy. The best part is that you can make the Vegan Cherry Smoothie with frozen cherries if fresh cherries are not available, and this way, you can enjoy this delicious smoothie anytime you want. 

What do I love most about this cherry smoothie? Its healthy fats, protein, and good carbs, which energize every morning. All you need is just a few ingredients and a blender! Sounds great, isn’t it?!

Vegan Cherry Smoothie - Healthy and Nutritious Recipe for Breakfast!


Cherries – use fresh or frozen. 

Plant-based Milk – use any milk of your choice. 

Dates – Medjool works best but any will do as well. 

Nut butter – I used almond butter in my vegan cherry smoothie, but it can be substituted with peanut butter or any other nut butter.

Frozen bananas – it tastes very good with frozen bananas but if you don’t have it in handy, add the bananas and some ice cubes before blending.


I usually peel my bananas, break them into pieces and then transfer them to a freezer-friendly bag and then freeze a new batch for my next cherry smoothie. This way, I never run out of frozen bananas. 

Simply peel it, break it into pieces and freeze it in a bag or other recipient available. 

Can you store the leftovers? No! You can’t store it for later because of the quick oxidation process. So make it and serve it immediately! 

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– 25 fresh or frozen cherries

– 250ml almond milk or (sub for any other plant-based milk)

– 3 medium bananas (frozen)

– 2 tbsp almond butter 

– 2 Medjool dates

How to make

1. If fresh, wash the cherries and remove the seeds. 

2. In a blender, add the plant-based milk, cherries, dates, almond butter, and bananas (use some ice cubes if you use fresh bananas).

3. Blend until creamy. 

4. Pour in glasses and serve right away to prevent oxidation. 

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