Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Smoothie with Coconut Milk

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Turmeric has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and we should consume it as often as possible. A good idea to include it in your diet would be to use it in your favorite smoothie. We came with the best idea of turmeric smoothie.

A nutritious smoothie, plus turmeric powder, will bring a lot of health benefits. You have to try this anti-inflammatory smoothie with turmeric and coconut milk! You need seven ingredients to prepare it, a blender and five minutes of your precious time.

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The base for this turmeric smoothie will be the frozen banana that adds the sweetness, but also a creamy texture. Besides banana, add some ingredients that have an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect and are beneficial for digestion: fresh ginger and turmeric powder. It is very important to add a little ground black pepper as this will favor a good absorption of turmeric.

Ingredients for Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Smoothie with Coconut Milk

  • 1 Sliced frozen banana
  • 1 Cup good quality coconut milk
  • ½ Teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1 Piece of fresh ginger
  • A pinch of ground pepper
  • Cardamom and ground cloves
  • 60 Milliliters of fresh carrot juice

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Preparation Method for Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Smoothie with Coconut Milk

  • In a blender mix milk, banana, turmeric, ginger, and spices.
  • After blending, add the carrot juice, and coconut milk.
  • If you want your smoothie a bit more liquid, add some more coconut milk.

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