Toxic Relationship: Signs That Show You If You Are Living With A Toxic Person

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Since childhood, we have discovered that we need to be careful about how we are talking and how we are acting. We grow in a family, go to school, develop into a community. And in every environment, we need to have proper behavior. But things change when it comes to your relationship with your couple partner. Because you can choose what you want and what is best for you. And you have every reason to be careful about the signs that show you if you are living in a toxic relationship.

It is no longer a secret that a healthy relationship is based on trust. Honesty is very important in a relationship, as well as communication.  It is no longer a secret that you both have the right to love. And you both have the right to happiness. And, of course, you are both allowed to draw conclusions. But sometimes things can get out of control and it might take long enough to realize that you live in a toxic relationship.


How do you realize if you have a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship is that relationship where two people don’t love and respect each other enough. It is a relationship in which partners can’t stand each other, never compromise anything and let the negative energy to flood their souls.

Fighting on a daily basis

A healthy communication prevents the development of conflicts in the couple. But, you guessed, if you fight daily or almost daily, it means your relationship is toxic. The critical moment occurs when neither is willing to compromise.

And the fights continue to escalate and easily – you get to the point where you can’t do anything anymore. You come to the point where communication is no longer an option, and contempt is at home.

You are eternally dissatisfied

Discontents are normal in a couple. They can naturally occur and they are born for various reasons. But discontents are transient in a healthy relationship. If every day there is discontent among you two, and you prefer to talk with your friends about home’ drudgery, and not willing to talk openly with the partner about what’s going on, then you live in a toxic relationship.

Not paying attention

Every day is the same? Will you come back from the office and just avoid communicating? Moreover, you don’t want to pay attention? If all of these things are known to you, the situation you are in is quite clear. You’re in a toxic relationship and it is time to think very well what to do next.

You don’t feel happy with him/her anymore

Maybe there are many days when both of you are wrong. And maybe there are times when no one wants to communicate openly about the obvious issues. And maybe there are days when you lie to yourself and say that everything is OK. But in the depths of your soul, you feel great pain.

You don’t feel happy next to him/her. You lose your brilliance and lust for life. And you know that you’re living in a toxic relationship, but you’re afraid to admit it.

No signs of empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and feel the emotions and thoughts of a person as if living on their own skin. Empathy is stronger in the couple because the ability to understand can be much greater when two people love each other. But there is no empathy between you two. You don’t care!

Don’t come to meet one another. And you hurt each other very often. Perhaps the best thing for both of you is to set the point of relationship and seek true happiness next to a person you are compatible with.


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