Top 7 Edible Seeds You Should Include in Your Food for Better Nutrition

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You are probably already familiar with the diets that promise to get rid of as many kilograms as quickly as possible. In the short term, it seems like the ideal solution and it can help you, but in the long run you should realize that any diet you follow should suit your lifestyle. That’s why we have listed top 7 edible seeds that you should include in your food for better nutrition.

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You should include both nuts and peanuts in your diet because they have those healthy fats for your body. Nuts are much richer in calories compared to seeds, and that would be another reason why you should include them in your diet. And yet, all the nuts and seeds are healthy for your body, but you should choose the ones that are right for you.

Seeds contain much more fiber and minerals than nuts, and in addition they have more monounsaturated fats and proteins, which are necessary for a healthy body. Specialists recommend consuming these types of seeds in their raw state. If you cook them, they change their consistency, especially if you add different spices. Check out the list of top 7 edible seeds for better nutrition.

Top 7 Edible Seeds You Should Eat Everyday for Better Health

1. Pumpkin Seeds

You probably didn’t know, but pumpkin seeds are the ones that help you lose weight, if you consume them every day. Pumpkin seeds have a lot more zinc, which helps you burn even more calories. Zinc plays an extremely important role in calorie burning, increases your muscle mass, but also keeps your blood sugar stable. In addition to zinc, pumpkin seeds also contain magnesium, which helps you with anxiety. They are also good for the digestive system. Pumpkin seed occupies the first place among other top 7 edible seeds that you should eat everyday for a better health.

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2. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seedlings have a double effect on your body. First of all, 3 teaspoons of hemp seeds contain 12 grams of protein and omega 3 which helps you burn calories. At the same time, they help you with inflammation. They are an excellent source of energy. Hemp seeds also falls in the list of best edible seeds for better nutrition.

3. Chia Seeds

You have probably already included in the diet of chia seeds, which are very good for weight loss. If you didn’t know by now, seeds are high in fiber, omega 3, magnesium, potassium, iron. You can eat them in a lot of combinations, like smoothies or you can even make chia seeds pudding. They also help you and not be hungry during the day. Chia seeds have nominated themselves for the third position among other top 7 edible seeds.

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4. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are great if you want to shed a few extra pounds, but most importantly, you can eat them anytime. They are rich in vitamin E, which acts as an extremely powerful antioxidant to fight toxins and inflammation. Magnesium is also very effective in terms of the nervous system and helps you burn a lot more calories. In addition, sunflower seeds contain protein, fiber, but also vitamin B, which are essential if you want to burn more calories. On the list of best edible seeds for better nutrition, sunflower seeds come in at #4.

5. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are an excellent source of omega 3 which helps in regulating insulin in the body. They contain iron, protein and several types of fiber. They are a very good source of phytoestrogens, which react just like another natural type of estrogen. A high consumption of flax seed prevents panic attacks. Flax seeds stand at #5 amid top 7 edible seeds.

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6. Quinoa Seeds

Quinoa is a very rich source of amino acids, fiber, protein, magnesium, zinc, but also healthy fats. They are high in carbohydrates compared to other types of seeds, but even so, quinoa is part of the seeds you can consume if you want to lose a few extra pounds. Quinoa seeds are one of the best edible seeds for better nutrition and a healthy body.

7. Sesame Seeds

Standing at #7 on the list of top 7 edible seeds, the Sesame seeds contain calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, but also zinc, which your body needs to maintain its vitality, as well as its blood sugar levels. They also contain fiber, so you can add them in salads, smoothies, but also tahini.

That’s all, people. Add these seeds on your food menu and you will see improvement in your health.

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