Top 5 Strange Things About Earth You Didn’t Know Before

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Our earth is full of surprises, mysteries, and hidden secrets that are yet to be solved or discovered by humans. Do you know that scientists haven’t even explored oceans as much as they have the surface of the moon? Today, in this special article, we are going to tell you about top 5 strange things about earth.

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Top 5 Strange Things About Earth

1. Antarctica

The southern end of our planet, and the coldest place on Earth stands at #1 in the list of top 5 strange things about earth. It has been frozen for 30 million years. In its center, the covering of ice is over four kilometers thick. Entire mountain ranges are buried beneath it. Here, it is so cold that each winter 19 million square kilometers of ocean freezes, more than doubling the size of the ice cap.

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But when, in spring, the sea ice melts, life returns once again to the continent’s shores. The peninsula that stretches north towards South America is the first part of it to be released from winter’s grip. As the sea ice breaks up, life returns. There is a greater variety of living creatures here than anywhere else in Antarctica.

2. Jungles

A tropical forest, a rain forest. The richest habitat on Earth. Exactly how many species of rain forests contain is unknown, but it runs into millions.  And new ones are discovered every week. Jungles occupies the second place in the list of top 5 strange things about earth.

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Although they cover just seven percent of the world’s land area, jungles play a vital role in the health of the planet. In the heart of Africa lies the Congo. It is our planet’s youngest rain forest, a mere 18.000 years old, and it’s the jungle with more big animals than any other.

3. Coastal Seas

Immense shoals of fish throng our shallow seas. These are anchovies. Small fish, in turn, sustain bigger ones. Hunters, such as giant trevally, and Mobula rays. When hunters such as these works together, they become extremely efficient.

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The rich coastal seas are the fishing grounds of our planet and can provide an abundance of food for wildlife and humanity. The seas fringing land make up less than a tenth of the world’s oceans, yet, astonishingly, 90 percent of all marine creatures live in these coastal waters. This superabundance is due to the fact that the seafloor here is within reach of sunlight.

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Everglades National Park in southern Florida. Fields of seagrass carpet the shallow tropical waters. Like savannas on land, these lush marine meadows support a great variety of animal life. It comes in at #3 among other top 5 strange things about earth.

4. Deserts

The Earth still has sanctuaries, and, on occasion, they hold spectacular gatherings of wildlife. They provide vital space, but they’re disappearing fast. A fifth of the land on our planet is covered by desert. The driest of all is the Atacama in South America. There are places here where rain has never been recorded.

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Desert may appear to be barren and empty, but they are of crucial importance to life. For those that can overcome their challenges, they provide a vital refuge. Deserts cannot support large numbers of animals the year round, and even those specially adapted to these conditions can only survive in small numbers. This interesting fact stands at #4 in the list of top 5 strange things about earth.

5. Grasslands

But on very special occasions, deserts are transformed.  Once in a decade, there may be a cloudburst. A single one can turn the desert green. In southern California, the change is visible from space. Hundreds of square kilometers suddenly bloom.

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If such transformations become regular, a new habitat may develop. Grasslands, one of our planet’s most productive landscapes. They support the greatest aggregations of large animals on Earth. The Serengeti sustains a herd of over a million wildebeest. With Grasslands, the list of top 5 strange things about earth ends here.

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