Top 5 Best TV Series for Gastronomy Enthusiasts 2019 (Updated)

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Do you like to try new recipes, play with flavors and always invent new combinations in the kitchen? Then you will certainly enjoy all these top 5 best TV series for gastronomy enthusiasts 2019

If you are passionate about cooking and the hours spent in the kitchen relax and gives you positive energy, we have good news for you. In recent years, there has been a lot of gastronomy series.

These mini-documentation series cut your breath away and make you want to eat or cook the goodies you see right away. They will also give you all the inspiration and creativity you need, both in the kitchen and outside.

Top 5 best TV series for gastronomy enthusiasts in recent years!

1. Chef’s Table
The series currently has six delicious seasons that you will follow one after another. Chef’s Table presents the life stories of famous chefs all over the world. It stands at #1 in the list of top 5 best TV series for gastronomy enthusiasts.

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Among the chiefs, there is Gaggan Anand, the man who managed to create the most successful restaurant in all Asia, but many others, with stories as equally stunning.
Innovation, Michelin stars, frustration, much patience, risks, emotions, and success – you’ll find them all in this fabulous series.

2. Ugly Delicious
If you like to look for the smallest detail and discover the story behind each culinary dish, Ugly Delicious is among those gourmet cooking series that you will love very much.
The first season was hosted by David Chang, creator and owner of Momofuku restaurant chain with two Michelin stars.

Ugly Delicious shows, in each episode, the history, origin, and culture of a particular dish, as it is prepared in all corners of the world. It’s a captivating, funny and exciting show. It stands at #2 in the list of best gastronomy TV series.

3. Street Food
“If someone wants to taste real, authentic, specific food, they have to choose street food.” This is the beginning of this gastronomic series. Occupied its place at #3 in Top 5 Best Series for Gastronomy Enthusiasts

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The show presents the authentic, colorful and vibrant atmosphere of the Asian food markets. Volume 1 speaks of Bangkok, Osaka, Delhi, Singapore, Seoul and beyond.

Follow the so-called “local heroes” of the markets, who cook absolutely fascinating preparations without having a professional school of cooks and without advanced studies. It is simply about passion, intuition, and dedication. It stands at #2 in the list of best gastronomy TV series.

4. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
The philosophy of this series of gastronomy is simple: there are four major elements that make every food delicious. These are salt, fat, acidity and heat. #4 In Top 5 Series for Gastronomy Enthusiasts

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“The more I travel through several places, the better I realize the good-cooked food is universal,” says the bestseller writer Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.

The series of the same name is the tasty story of Samin Nosrati, a woman chef who travels around the world to learn the secrets of perfect cuisine. It stands at #4 in the list of top 5 best TV series for gastronomy enthusiasts.

5. Somebody Feed Phil
If you love good food and travel, you have to watch this show that includes both of them. Somebody Feel Phil is starring for none other than Philip Rosenthal, creator of the “Everybody Loves Raymond”. It stands at #5 in Top 5 best TV Series for Gastronomy Enthusiasts 2019.

The idea is simple: Phil travels around the world and is hungry all the time. You will discover with him unique characters, fabulous food, and impressive cultures.

That’s all, for now, people! Did you like our list of best best gastronomy TV series? If yes, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below.

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