Top 5 Best Remedies for Seasonal Allergies


The allergy season is here, and on top of that, it also comes with sneezing, dry eyes, and even itchy and swollen eyes. While we are already isolated at home, it can be quite difficult to find a solution. However, there are several remedies for seasonal allergies that can help relieve itching and other persistent and irritating symptoms.

Excellent Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

80% of people with seasonal allergies experience a type of skin reaction, such as red spots, puffiness around the eyes, itching, and irritation- says a specialist in diagnosing and treating allergic contact dermatitis. Fortunately, there are several remedies for seasonal allergies.

Although spring is a beautiful season, it also brings a lot of health problems. Grass, and trees and plants release pollen into the air, which leads to allergies that affect people during the spring season. 

1. Orange/Lemon and other citrus drinks

Citrus drinks can energize and refresh your body, and contain good amounts of vitamin C, which helps fight these seasonal allergies by stimulating the immune system. It stands at #1 in remedies for seasonal allergies.

2. Red Onion 

When you inhale pollen, the body immediately releases histamine, which triggers the body’s immune responses, such as sneezing, watery eyes, and even cough. Onions contain a water-soluble compound, which is known to reduce the amount of histamine produced by our bodies. Red Onion stands at #2 in remedies for seasonal allergies.

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3. Walnuts and Apples

Walnuts are recommended for relieving the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Being rich in magnesium, they help reduce wheezing or coughing. Vitamin E content can boost your immunity and protect the body from reacting to allergens.

Apples like onions contain that water-soluble compound that naturally reduces histamine production. Several studies in America have confirmed that an apple a day really keeps allergies away! Stand at #3 on our list with remedies for seasonal allergies.

4. Hot & Spicy Meals

Hot and spicy food tends to thin the mucus production, thus making the nose cleaner. This allows you to breathe more efficiently. While eating spicy foods, your body will naturally thin the mucus and phlegm that block your airways. Spicy foods include hot peppers, horseradish, and other homemade spicy meals. But keep in mind that excess is not recommended. Moderation is the key to success!

5. Mint & Nettle Tea

This tea helps lower blood pressure, relieve arthritis and combat the symptoms caused by seasonal allergies. Mint contains a type of flavonoid that helps inhibit the activity and secretion of anti-inflammatory enzymes, such as histamines, and reduces that awful discomfort.

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