Top 5 Best Cholesterol Lowering Teas


High cholesterol levels can affect your heart. Working out regularly can keep cholesterol levels under control, but a healthy diet and cholesterol lowering teas can help! 

Best Cholesterol Lowering Teas 

High cholesterol levels (LDL) can lead to stroke, coronary heart disease, and peripheral vascular disease. What mainly causes cholesterol buildup? Unhealthy diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and diabetes! Eat healthy foods and drink these cholesterol lowering teas listed below.

Herbal teas can help only if you give up on your bad eating habits and go out for a long walk daily! 

Top 5 Cholesterol Lowering Herbal Teas

1. Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular options in the top 5 cholesterol lowering teas because it is packed with antioxidants that help lower bad cholesterol and heart disease. 

Experts claim that a healthy diet and a cup of green tea can support the brain’s functions and lower significantly diabetes risk. 

2. Black Tea

Another great tea, full of antioxidants in our top 5 cholesterol lowering teas. Black tea when combined with a workout and a healthy diet can help lower LDL cholesterol. 

It helps keep under control blood sugar levels, blood pressure and improves gut health. 

3. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is an excellent plant to add to the list of cholesterol lowering teas. It can prevent bad cholesterol buildup. 

Its properties can keep blood sugar under control and prevent heart disease.

4. Holy Basil / Tulsi

A study made on animals showed that oil in the holy basil plant known as eugenol can diminish high cholesterol levels induced by stress. 

They claim that cholesterol lowered in kidneys, liver, and heart in rats with diabetes or without after feeding them tulsi leaf powder. 

5. Hibiscus Tea

Some studies suggest that this tea can lower cholesterol. In a study, those who drank hibiscus tea experimented with an increase in good cholesterol and a decrease in bad cholesterol. 

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Conclusion and Precautions

Experts say that results won’t appear overnight. The results will appear according to one’s health status and metabolism. 

Don’t drink cholesterol lowering teas without medical advice if you are pregnant, take treatment that might interfere with it or you have any kidney or heart disease.

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