Top 3 Inspirational TV Series That Motivates Women of All Generations

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Some series come to an end, but others will be renewed by Netflix. Discover here 3 inspirational TV series that motivates women of all generations to be strong and cherish themselves.

Ladies and young ladies, 2019 is without a doubt, our year! Maybe the first year of women, assumed altogether, where emancipation is for real. Surely the #MeToo movement and the courage of celebrities who talked about male abuse have contributed to this moment.

And yet, this moment is being built for a few years. Even in fashion, where designers often presented warrior women, but draped in silk, wearing heels or precious jewels. Even in movies and TV series, where the voices of women, of all colors, sizes, and ages are heard.

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3 Inspirational TV Series for Women of All Ages!

In the world of movies and TV serials, many scriptwriters have noticed courageous plotting! And the following series that inspire women, of all ages, are exceptional. They are all on Netflix, although two of them will end, but not without a Bang at the end!

1. Girlboss – for young women who have just entered adulthood

Unfortunately, Girlboss got canceled by Netflix after the first season. Yet Nasty Gal has some precious lessons from which we can learn. Why do we consider it one of the best series for women, although it was canceled due to too low audience reasons?

The main female character, Girlboss or Nasty Gal- (her alter ego online) strives to be authentic in her life. It is not easy, as we all know it happens in real life too. She strives to find a job that she likes, which can bring her value. And she even succeeds, creating her own online business, for which she is willing to stay awake night after night!

In addition, besides her fashion business (sounds interesting, isn’t it?) Girlboss is also trying to be a responsible adult, keeping a job with medical insurance (you’ll see why!).

And maybe is not the last reason why Girlboss is one of the most inspirational TV series that motivates women (especially young ones, but not only!) Is that they try to understand love. The feminine character appears to have an avoidant attachment, which means that she runs from involvement and intimacy in relationships. Yet she strives to be there for her boyfriend. She strives to repair her relationship with her father. And, above all, she strives to keep her best friend and make some other buddies too. And that’s not easy at all! For us, Girlboss stands at #1 in our top 3 inspirational TV Series

2. Ex-Girlfriend – for 30+ women

If we talk about TV serials for strong women, we recommend Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. And this production ended now, after four seasons. We would say “is a pity” but so far, it was a high risk of becoming repetitive and boring.

Why do we say is still a niche? And why do we think it’s the best of the top 3 inspirational TV series for women? Because it talks about mental health problems, about poor relationships with our parents, from which we learn how to behave in life and especially in a relationship.

Because the main character, Rebecca, although crushed by painful, emotional problems. She manages to have a career; that makes her proud of herself. To make friends in a new city, to overcome the traumas of parental non-love and non-acceptance, and exploring love relationships.

Additionally, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is full of handsome guys and many of the lines are sung and danced like a Broadway show. Discover the story of Rebecca, who gives up an unsatisfying job in New York, and flees to West Covina, pursuing (and watching) her ex-boyfriend in a summer camp! From here, you will perhaps discover your own story exploring mental health issues, relationships, couples, and sexuality.

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3. Grace and Frankie- for women of a third youth

Grace and Frankie is the third show we recommend on Netflix. We consider it one of the best of our top 3 inspirational TV series to support women’s empowerment. And that’s because the women who are emancipating, in their career, in their love and sex life, are around the age of 70 and better! So, did we caught your attention?

A small spoiler to convince you to see this show, the latest one in my list of series that inspires women: Grace and Frankie wake up at the age of 70 as their husbands are gay lovers. From frienemies, the two become inseparable friends! They will live together, learn to manage their frustrations and negative emotions together. They will be reinvigorated to love and engage in couple relationships with courage, all together. And they will set up a business with vibrators, all together. At 70+. Ladies, anytime it’s possible!

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