Enhance Your Look this Summer with these Top 3 Cheap Jewelry for Women in 2019

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Wearing a dress without jewelry makes a women feel incomplete. Attractive jewelry for women makes the dress looking more beautiful, if it is matching that totally. I am crazy about collecting the jewelries for different dresses. Have a look on the jewelries types I use from the most to the least. I am compiling a list of top 3 cheap jewelry for women in 2019.

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Here is the List of Top 3 Cheap Jewelry for Women in 2019

1. Sterling Silver Necklace:

I love the shine of the silver and after pearl many times, I love to wear a sterling silver necklace because it has 92 ½ purity. It really looks good for the dark colored dresses or funky looked tops with ragged jeans. My last sterling silver necklace was a pearl braided necklace with sterling silver beads. The price was 35 dollars but the quality compelled me to buy it. This particular thing stands at #1 in the list of top 3 cheap jewelry for women in 2019.

Sterling Silver Necklace

2. Jewelries Made Up of Pearls:

Most of the times, I select the jewelries made up of artificial pearls, because these are affordable and looks like the original one.  Either I am wearing a one piece dress or a printed shirt with a plain black jeans, it looks graceful. For the last time, I have purchased 10mm Faux pearl Necklace 16 inch under my pearl jewelry type. I had to pay around 10 dollars for it and the product was satisfying. According to me, these type of jewelries stand at #2 in the list of top 3 cheap jewelry for women in 2019.

Gold Plated Necklace

3. Gold Plated Necklace:

I love silver but like the gold plated necklaces too. As the gold is quite expensive and I prefer to wear it very rare, I use gold plated necklace. It costs reasonable. I usually wear such necklaces with the traditional outfits or heavy gowns. In the recent past, I have bought Opal Hamsa HAND Necklace Pendant Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cardano Chain.  The price was around 17 dollars, but I was glad to add an exclusive looking necklace to my jewelry box.

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In the end, the reason behind using these jewelries from the most to the least is the choice of the dresses I wear most of the time. For the decent looking dresses, one can use pearl necklaces, for dresses, which have the expensive shine, one can use sterling silver necklace and the gold plated necklace for the traditional outfits or the heavy gowns.

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