Legitimate Guide to Understand Females in Relationship; Top 25 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Trust Boys

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Do you like a girl with whom you can see your future, but she is putting you in a lurch by saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’? First of all, stop calling her an asshole or a bitch, because this is not the right way to judge someone. No ordinary person can stay as a wicked personality if you try to understand.

Maybe you are married, and she does not understand you the way, she did in the past. This blog is recommended to the couples who are looking for dating or actually dating, but you can relate the things, because almost every girl hate a guy for the same reasons.

Look at the 25 reasons mentioned below, and you will be able to understand where you lack:

Top 25 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Trust Boys

She had an ideal boyfriend:

If she was committed to her kind of ideal person, there are the most chances she would not trust any other guy. Even if she broke up with him, she would go back to him. Do not waste your time on a girl, who has specific values in her life, and you cannot set yourself in such values.

Be like her good friend, if you like her because loving her secretly and misbehaving with her for not getting enough attention will detach her from you.

In case, you can become an ideal person, then yeah you are on the right track to win her heart soon.

She had a possessive boyfriend:

A girl who had a possessive boyfriend in the past often looks weird and doubtful around people. Possessive boyfriends put the negative thoughts in the mind of their girls so that no one can take her away from them.

If you want to become her closed one, then start listening to her talks, and make her feel comfortable. Let her speak fluently and stay free, and she will start showing trust you in a short span. Make sure that you are not doing such things intestinally. Do such things, only if you have this kind of behavior, otherwise, your relationship will not last long.

Bitter Past experiences:

Negative past experiences are one of the reasons why girl do not trust boys. She considers every guy is same because of the continuous disappointments. The negative past of a girl can turn her into a disjointed and depressed personality, even if she has a jolly nature.

Due to the negative experiences, she might not be interested in you.

She is not sincere herself:

If she is a mutable person due to her immense desires, then she might not be sincere with you. She might be thinking that you can deceit her as she did with someone else for not being real. This might be the reason she does not trust you.

People who are changeable need highly attentive partners. They need balanced people who know to love unconditionally and genuinely.

If you actually love her, then you can make a better person by staying loyal to her. Do not forget to alert her if she seems to be wrong to you.


She might be confused in you and other options. You might not be as competitive as other, which makes her think over it again and again whom to choose. If she is an emotional girl, then it is not the money or appearances that take you far away from her, but your attitude and approach towards her.

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She might be an over-thinker due to her critical behavior. There may be another reason for her over-thinking behavior. She might meet with the most complex people in her life. Do not let her down for thinking too much instead teach her things step by step. In this way, she will start trusting you.

You can teach her with the whole heart, only if you are interested in her.

Negative indications:

Your attitude might give her negative indications which unable her to trust in you. For instance, you might change your words in a couple of days. You might not be trustful with your friends and keep judging everyone behind their back. She might enjoy these things being with you, but separately, she cannot trust you with this attitude.

Note: Know who you are, and then behave in front of her to gain the trust.

Suggestions from male friends:

She might have many male friends, and she considers their advice. No male friend wants her female pal to go with a guy, who has a single bad habit. Even if you are the right person, if he likes her, he will suggest her negative things and wash her mind.

Be prepared to be judged by her male best friend else you will be wiped in place of him. A male best friend is always the best for a girl because he never hurt her and give a special place to her. They might share a platonic love for each other that cannot be broken with the entry of a random person.

Comparison with others:

She might be a critical personality and keep comparing different people with each other. Even if you are a good guy, she will find a reason to say you no due to her habit.

Note: You have to be distinct than others and genuine always. Girls who keep comparing things need very patient guys with high intelligence. Do not try to come in a relationship, if you do not like a finger on your entity because she will do it.

Tricky nature of guy:

Tricky nature of a guy, like being pleasant all the time when he needs the help and a wicked soul when someone needs him, distracts a girl toward other personalities. Even if a girl likes you, and you are a tricky kind of personality, she is not going to trust you.

Note: Improve yourself or forget her.

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If a guy fails to keep his words:

There are some guys, who speak big things but unable to keep their words due to their swingy nature, this frustrates the innocent girls. At least be genuine if you cannot stand on your words.

In today’s era, a genuine person worth more than a man of words because no one can be perfect.

Insecurity: Closeness to Least Required People

Do you like her and she is also falling for you? Congrats, but are you maintaining a genuine distance with the least required people in your life. There are certain boundaries, which must be taken into account. In case doing such things make you cool, then do not expect a perfect couple with you.

Note: If you want a genuine girl to be in relation with you, and you are cheating her, then grow up please rather than calling them insecurities.

In case, she is pointing out the things unnecessarily when you are clear from your side and have shown her all sides of the mirror, then you should show what you feel.

Note: Here, you should be her friend rather than a boyfriend, if you are not capable of making her understand.

No encouragement for love:

If you do not encourage your true loving activities, then do not expect her to trust you for a relationship. The efforts should be made from both sides, and if you cannot put efforts in a relationship, then stay away from a loving girl.

Note: If you are expecting someone to love you unconditionally when you suck at the same, then you should go for an arrange marriage rather than searching for a loving partner.

No long-term promises:

In case, you are bad at keeping things for a longer period, then she might lose her interest in you, if she is not a casual material. You have to make long-term promises if you want to win the trust of your ideal girlfriend. Stay loyal to her so that she can believe you are into her.


You might ignore her for not being mature or understanding in a relationship. If you like her, then you should ignore such things, because she can learn them with time. Start helping her in bringing betterment to her behavior, or someone else will get a chance to do this at your place.

Girls do not trust the boys who ignore her even after they are committed. If you do not like her nature, it is better to tell it on her face in a soft tone that would not hurt her instead of being ignorant. Do NOT get pissed if she gets hurt in knowing the fact, because most of the girls are innocent.

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Introvert nature:

If you are an introvert person, then she might feel attraction towards you, but with time, she will definitely lose her interest from you. She might think you hide a lot or you might not love her, but just taking her advantage. You must keep in touch with her from time to time if you want to win a soft space in her heart.

Public Acceptance:

Public acceptance is one of the things that make a girl feel secure and comfortable. Make sure you accept her in public in a professional manner. If she is agreed upon your relationship, and then you do so in a very polite way, then no doubt, she will start loving you unconditionally.

Note: Public acceptance does not mean you are threatening every individual to stay away from you; otherwise, she will start maintaining a distance from you due to your obsessive nature.

Note: It does not matter whether a girl is well-introduced with the background of a guy or not, he can still ditch her and leave her like they were never together. If a guy truly loves and respects a girl, he will introduce her with his family and friends just after you seem perfect to him. Make sure both of you have taken enough time in understanding each other; otherwise, do not disdain your luck on cheating of your boyfriend.

More prone to female friends:

You may not like a girl who is always swirling around her male friends. The same way she does not like her guy to be around his female friends always.

Note: here, jealousy might be the factor, but if you prioritize things correctly, you will

Doesn’t bother with emotions and do not consider her opinions:

If you are the one who does not care for others emotions, then coming in a serious relationship might not be your cup of tea. She will not trust you even if you are crystal clear but does not take an interest in her interests.

One of the other things that make her to suspect in you whether you are a compatible life partner or not is that you do not consider her opinions. Girls hate when her guy does not listen to her opinions and often counter her just to prove himself right being a man.

Note: Consider advice from a relationship coach to get peace in your relationship from both sides. Because she might be the one who does not want to get a finger raised on her opinions and possess a self-centered personality.

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Vague Nature:

If you are a complicated person, then she might consider you as a vague personality. Be clear and straight forward with the soft words to win her heart; otherwise, she is not going to trust you.

Note: Considering the meditation might be the right thing if you are unable to know what you are.

Highly mutable:

Do you change your decision within a second to make yourself feel good? If you say ‘I like you’ now and move back to your rudeness for another minute, then she is not going to trust you. You have to be a good decision-maker, if you want to win the trust of your girl.

Rushing to intimacy and dirty talks:

Do you feel lust for her? It might happen even when you love someone, but do not show this to her again and again. Expressing yourself love by rushing to intimacy and dirty talks can distant her from you. Love is about sharing a perfect-bond rather than sharing the two opposite sex organs.

Note: Be frank to her but understand the difference between being frank and vulgar. This suggestion will help you to gain the trust of your love.

The last three reasons are written for the individuals who are in a physical relationship or married:

Imitation Request while physical contact:

You might show unusual content to your girlfriend or wife and request her to imitate the same with you while making physical contact. A submissive girl might not get offended over this, but most of the girls do not like such behavior. Even if you love her, she will let that you consider her a toy.

Note: Always take permission for her rather forcing her to fulfill your desires.

Criticizing her body shape:

You might like thin or chubby girls. This is none of her business, either you want bulky, soft or slight thin things. Do not tell her creepy things to mold her body. She is not a pizza that you will tell her to get a thin or fat layer of skin. Criticizing the body shape of a girl is one of the bad things most of the guys do. Avoid such things, if you do not want her to suspect you.

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Tell her to become like someone else:

You might compare her with others to wear the same clothes or to behave like that. This is one of the worse things you can do with a girl that stimulate her to doubt on you.

Note: The things mentioned above have no motive to promote feminism or criticize males. I have written what I am observing; every boy complains that it is the most difficult job to understand a woman and gain her trust, so I have come up with such points.

If you try to understand such things, your relationship might get better day-by-day.

In this article, I have already mentioned the things you can use to come in a healthy relationship with your choice of partner. In the next blog, we will focus on the question of how to win the trust of a girl?

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