What Men Like About Women? Top 11 Things Men Like About Women!

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If you ask a woman what a man wants, probably the answer will be sex. But there are other things that men would like women to do more often in a relationship. We have made a list of the top 11 things men like about women.  

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Top 11 Things men like about women

In fact, there are a lot of things that men want, but they are afraid to ask. Why? Because they don’t want to appear weak or sensitive. Discover some of the hidden desires of men and how you can make your boyfriend happier. Below you have the top 11 things men like about women.

Increase self-confidence

Let’s start with #1 in 11 things men like in women. Your partner may seem strong and not affected by the negative comments, but his ego is fragile and it needs encouragement just as you have. Don’t forget to compliment him from time to time. Tell him how sexy he is and how proud you are of his achievements.

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Don’t expect him to take always the first step

Men hate the fact that they need to take the first step all the time. They would like a woman to have the courage to take the first step, to offer him something to drink, to invite them into the city, or to initiate the first kiss on the first dates.

Help him get rid of stress

Stress, fatigue, and problems can take control of your man, even if he usually does not admit it. Help him relax with a massage, offer him support or organize a relaxing outing at the weekend, where he can rest.

Try to get him back

Although he will never admit it, your man likes to be conquered. Prepare a romantic dinner from time to time, buy him small attentions, or gifts, or send him messages telling him how much he means to you.

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Take control during sex

Usually, men are the ones who have the initiative in bed. But your lover for sure would like you to take control from time to time. To initiate sex parties, to sit on top, or to try to seduce him. Such behavior surely will delight him. It is an important aspect of our top 11 things men like about women.

Ask him how his day was like, and listen to him

We often accuse men of not listening, but we are guilty of the same thing. While having dinner, ask him how his day was like. Listen to him and ask him questions. Help him open up and talk about what’s important to him. He likes to know that you care about what he does. #6 in the top 11 things men like about women.

Tell him what gifts you want

No man likes to guess what gifts to buy for a birthday. Christmas or birthday, don’t strike close or give him subtle clues because he won’t understand.  Tell him what you want and you’ll be both happier! He’ll not run endlessly through the shops, and you will not be disappointed by the gifts you get. #7 in 11 things men like about women.

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Just as you need encouragement, he also needs support, especially when dealing with major changes. Whether he wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle, do more sports, or change his job. Be with him and encourage him. Another very important aspect in the top 11 things men like about women.

Tell him what you like, and what you don’t in the bedroom

Complete sex life is built in two, just like your relationship. The clues you give during love parties, the sounds you make, and the touches you give can show what you like and not. Only then your sex life becomes more satisfying than ever. Don’t expect him to know instinctively what you like and what you don’t.

Try to be more adventurous

Men would like their partners to leave their comfort zone sometimes and try new things. For example, if he likes to hike on the mountain, he would like you to accompany him at least once, instead of always rejecting him. And this is also true in the bedroom. Do you always get in the same position? Try something new from time to time!

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Make clear decisions

Do you often respond with “I don’t know”, or What do you want?”, “I don’t care”. Men hate these unsavory responses. He would like women to be more determined at times and to make clear decisions. Give up “Maybe” and answer more often with “Yes” or “No”. It stands at #11 in the top 11 things men like about women.

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