Top 11 Reptile Leather Sandals 2019, To Get A HOT Look!

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Slowly, over-time the trend of textures that imitates snakeskin or crocodile has become increasingly popular in fashion. In 2019 this trend conquered even the world of accessories, and we believe it won’t go out of trend too soon. So, this summer, we suggest wearing reptile leather sandals.

Top 11 Reptile leather sandals to get a hot look!

The motifs that imitate reptile leather skin (and how awesome it is that more and more designers are using ecological variants rather than genuine animal skin), predominantly in a neutral chromatic range.   Many shades of brown, nude, sand, khaki, gray.

Which means it will fit almost anything you wear! It will only be an advantage if you choose to wear reptile leather sandals! You will add color, accent, and texture to any outfit, even to a basic or minimalist one.

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This summer wear reptile leather sandals!

The motifs inspired by the animal world are numerous this summer. And especially in shoes. Sandals that imitate snakeskin are in trend, and animal-print: leopard, and zebra.

And if you’re bold, learn that you can always bet on an intense chromatic palette. Because not only neutrals are in trend. But let’s see what sandals are worn in 2019, according to the collections of great designers.

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Chloe Collections, 90’s Inspired.

Chloe proposed massive heeled sandals and thick platform, with large buckles and motifs that mimic reptile skin. But they preferred chromatic interpretations, reminiscent of the outfits of the ’80s and ’90s: a lot of intense red and purple.

Off-White, You’ll find neon reptile leather sandals!

At Off-White reptile-style leather sandals have entered the jungle and found the most intense colors. The combination of black and neon green is really a focus for your outfit.

Altuzarra, Proposes snakeskin sandals!

At Altuzarra, sandals made of leather that imitates snakeskin had neutral tones of gray, beige, black, and brown. They had cuts and inserts of mesh style and shells, thus combining two major season trends.

Erdem, Proposes bold colors!

And, Erdem also proposed sandals imitating reptile skin in intense colors such as cobalt blue or pink cyclamen. The sandals had a heel kitten.

Top 11 Reptile leather sandals 2019

Flats &Heeled Sandals Reptile Leather Sandals!

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