Top 10 Rules for Healthy Hair 2019: An Ultimate Guide for Hair Care

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Healthy hair is a long-term effort, or rather a few gestures that should be part of a care routine. As they say hair is the crown of your beauty, you should take care of them it. Therefore, you need to follow these top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

Adnana Alexe has prepared 10 easy-to-apply tips to help you keep your hair healthy, long, shiny and very strong. Keep on reading to learn how this ultimate guide for hair care can help you and you can take care of your beauty crown.

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List of Top 10 Rules for Healthy Hair 2019

1. Listen to Your Hair Needs

Listening to your hair needs is the first among the list of top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019. Not everyone has the same hair and when we say this we are not just referring to the shape of the hair, curly, wavy or straight. We also refer to the thickness of the hair, its length, color, genetic inheritance, volume and more. All these features make a unique combination: your hair.

Therefore, it is not enough to guide yourself on the recommendations of well-known or advertising campaigns. Track your hair’s reactions to any new changes or products you use. Then only you will be able to determine what your hair requires and how you can fulfill its needs.

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2. Trim it Every 2 Months

Even if you want to let your hair grow, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy not to trim it for a year. Visit a stylist every 2 months, tell him/her you want to let your hair grow, and he/she will cut as much as you need. Moreover, you will notice that freshly trimmed hair grows faster. Regular trimming is the second tip among top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

3. Hydrate it From the Inside

Drink plenty of water and consume healthy fats. Hydration from the inside is always observed on the skin, nails and hair. If your hair is not shiny, brittle or very spiky, one of the reasons may be the lack of internal hydration. The process of hydration comes in at #3 on the list of top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

4. Masks/Conditioners are Required

In addition to hydration from the inside, it is important to achieve the direct application of specific products. Regardless of the shampoo you use, which can also be for oily or dandruff hair, your conditioner and mask should be very moisturizing. They are applied to the ends and to the length of the hair, with each wash. Leave the conditioner for at least 2-3 minutes, otherwise their application will have no effect. Masks or conditioner is the 4th of top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

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5. Take Care How You Handle it

When using a comb or brush for handling and combing, be careful not to pull too hard. Start with the tips, and gradually climb until you go through all the hair. Forcing the hair may break the strands or weaken the root. Try to do your hair at least 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, and use a special brush for your hair. Careful combing is one of the essentials among top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

6. Style it Carefully

Like when you do it, the hairstyle doesn’t have to be a pain for your hair. When you stretch it with the brush, do not pull too hard, use the curler or hair extension plate as little as you can and be careful with the curls that can tangle your hair and force you to pull the hairs when you undo them. Careful styling is the 6th essential rule on the list of top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

7. Don’t Make too Many Changes

Women like to change her looks and many of us do it at least once a year. We refer in particular to the change of color, which is often influenced by the fashion of the season. If you have white hair and dyeing is a must, try to paint only the roots so you don’t torture the entire length of your hair every time. Avoiding too many changes is a must and stands at #7 amid top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

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8. Dry it Naturally

We know that in the morning after the shower you are in a hurry to leave and the hairdryer solves the problem in just 5 minutes. But its excessive heat, used several times a week, can dry your hair excessively. Once you get out of the shower, change 2-3 towels to absorb water from your hair or you can use a cotton shirt that absorbs water but lets the air pass.

Thus, if you do not have time to allow the hair to dry naturally, you will use the dryer much less, just to complete the drying started by towels. Naturally drying your hair comes in at #8 among the list of top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

9. Use Natural Ingredients or Remedies

Nature has dozens of ingredients that can do wonders for your hair. Write down in a notebook a few ideas for hair masks, which you can prepare 2-3 times a month, as a treat for your hair on a free afternoon. You can use oils, juices or fruit or vegetable pastes and even herbal teas. But beware of possible local allergic reactions. Natural remedies is one of the best of top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

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10. Don’t Wrap it too Tight

Hair that is too tight can affect your hair and even cause headaches. Wrap it loosely, catch it in creative cocks or a low ponytail that does not require stiff elastic or too many hair clips. Loose wrapping is the last on our list of top 10 rules for healthy hair 2019.

Further, follow this ultimate guide for hair care in 2019 and don’t let your beauty down.

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