TOP 10 Must do! Beauty Tricks

 I collected TOP 10 best beauty tricks which really works, sometimes really spectacular and well beyond expectations.

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Change your pillow cover every week or even more often if you have a troubled skin –      

Grease and dust from your hair can be easily transferred to your skin through pillow cover. Before blaming the chocolate for pimples appeared on your cheeks, better calculate when did you last time washed your hair and how many days passed since you changed the pillow cover. To prevent the appearance of acne from this reason, change pillow cover every week and wash your hair as well.  #1


Cold spoons for eye bags –

To get rid of eye bags quickly, chill two spoons under cold water, and apply them on lids for a few minutes! #2


Increase the intensity of eye color –

By choosing the right eyeshadow, eyeshade would look more intense. If you have blue eyes, use a brown eyeshadow, if you have green eyes choose violet. Black eyes or brown with blue or purple. #3


A Solution for greasy hair –

The women who are facing this type of hair knows how difficult it can be to keep a clean & fresh look for more than 2 days. To prevent hair of getting greasy too fast, add few spoons of lemon juice in your rinsing water. Apply this treatment twice a week! #4


Do not wet your lips –

This habit is harmful in winter and so in summer! The frequent wetting leads to dehydration and lips cracking. Create a good habit by using a creamy lipstick, a lip balm, products which you need them around all the time. #5


Give shine and keep hair colour bright with warm water –

Try to wash your hair with warm water as much as possible! Hot water makes your hair look matte, you get split ends, and color it’s lost faster. The specialists recommend warm water, especially while rinsing. #6

Get rid of cellulite or unsightly appearance –

You can’t get rid of cellulite with just cream, even if is the best one. Diet and sport should be included alongside with anti-cellulite products, plus reducing cellulite can be quicker if you massage the affected areas with orange peel using a brush, circular moves, every morning before the shower. This type of massage stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, accentuating the effect of cream. #7


Wash make-up brushes frequently –

Even if they are vital beauty accessories, they can be transformed into bacteria transporters which irritates the skin. Clean brushes every month, by washing with shampoo, to prevent drying apply a few drops of conditioner. Then rinse and dry them into a towel. Eye applicators needs to be washed weekly. So need the comb! #8


When you are tired, apply light make-up –

Stress and fatigue affect the skin, speeding the dehydration. In these situations, it’s good to hydrate yourself by consuming fruits and give up on classical makeup, by choosing light and hydrating one, moisturizing cream and colored instead of foundation or a mineral powder if you have oily skin. #9


Red lipstick – A note of feminism –

If you want to look attractive for your next date, but you don’t have enough time to get home and do a proper makeup, you can change your appearance by using a single thing: a red lipstick! #10                                                                                                                                     For more beauty and health info also Read :

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