TOP 10 Interesting Facts about Water you Need to Know!

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The water represents one of the most indispensable element of humans in order to survive, this is a substance without smell, taste, or colour, water in her natural form it is one of the most widespread substance on Earth, creating one of his layers called “hydrosphere”.


On our Planet, water can be found in multiple forms: liquid (which can be sweet or salty), solid (glaciers & snow), mineral water (under the form of water vapour which can be found in the air). Even if the water represents 70% of Earth surface, the biggest part of this cannot be consumed in her natural form, like the salted water from sea & oceans.  The drinking water represents 1% from the total amount of the existent water in the world and this comes from lakes and sweet water springs. This important element from our lives hides countless interesting facts.  Here we have a few:

  1. In human body there is water in proportion of 70%
  2. In Finland exists the purest water on the entire globe.
  3. A person can live at least a month without food, but without water just one week.
  4. A human needs, an average of 2,5 l water daily.
  5. Water can be found in a proportion of 75% in a banana & 95% in a tomato.
  6. 3 quarters of consumed water is utilised in bathroom.
  7. On a manual dishwashing we consume with 37% less water than using a dishwashing machine.
  8. The toilet water consumption can be reduced with 15-40% by placing a brick in the toilet bowl.
  9. The biggest amount of drinking water is found glaciers.
  10. A tree offers almost 265 l of water by evaporation.


How can hydrating prevent cardiovascular diseases?

When human organism is properly hydrated, the blood is 94% water, and when body is dehydrated, especially for a long period of time, blood becomes thick and complicates blood circulation, thus contributing to increased blood pressure. Besides this thing, the dehydration increases production of cholesterol to prevent losing the additional liquid from the cells.

This way, a regular liquid consumption assures a proper function of the entire body & contributes to maintain heart health by preventing appearance of two important risk factors as high cholesterol level in blood & hypertension.

How can the minerals from natural carbonated water influence heart health?

Water is one of the most recommended liquids for an optimal hydration of the body and cannot be replaced by any other liquid. Water with a rich amount of natural minerals helps filling the daily need of minerals essential for heart health like calcium, magnesium and potassium.


Alongside with magnesium, it plays an important role in a proper function of cardiovascular system, by assuring regular heart beats, but also to the nervous system, being a remedy against insomnia and essential in transmission of nervous impulses.


It is an essential element for body health. Together with calcium, and phosphorus, contributes maintain a physical condition because it plays an important role in metabolic processes, energy production, synthesizing of acids & proteins, it plays a role in muscles relaxation, prevents diabetes and kidneys stones and adjusts the metabolism. Lack of magnesium can affect cardiac system, being essential to adjust heart beats.


Represents a mineral (metal) alkaline, which plays an important role in human body: maintain electrolytic system of human body by supporting cardiac activity, stimulating heart to beat regularly. Presence of potassium is also important for brain, potassium extracts sodium from body which means it helps maintain body weight.


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