Explore the List of Top 10 Coldest Places on Earth (Right Now)

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Have you ever wondered what are the coldest places on Earth? There are places full of harsh climates that make human habitation difficult. In the world, there are many places, some of them are the hottest places on earth and some of them the coldest. But, today we’re going to talk about the frozen lands: The top 10 coldest places on Earth

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Top 10 Coldest Places on Earth

We’ve been wondering how cold is the coldest place. We discovered that the coldest temperature was -128 degrees F (Vostok, Antarctica- July 21, 1983). Most of these cities never get that cold, but some of them can get extremely close to it. Let’s get started with the list of the Top 10 Coldest Places on Earth

1. Rogers Pass, Montana – USA

On January 20 – 1954 was recorded a cold temperature of -70 °F (57 °C), in the U.S. state of Montana – (Rogers Pass). Rogers Pass is situated at 5.610 feet above sea level, located on the Continental Divide. This was one of the coldest temperatures ever recorded somewhere outside of Alaska. 

2. Fort Selkirk, Yukon – Canada

This place had to be deserted in 1950 because of extremely cold temperatures. Visitors can get there only by boat or plane because there is no road. January is the coldest month -74 °F. Fort Selkirk is a former trading post on the Yukon River at the confluence of the Pelly River in Canada’s Yukon and stands at #2 in the top 10 coldest places on Earth

3. Prospect Creek, Alaska – USA

Winters last long and summers are short. Prospect Creek is the coldest place in the U.S, situated at 643 feet above sea level. It is a small place at approx. 180 miles North (present-day Fairbanks) and 25 miles Southeast of (Bettles, Alaska). Weather conditions are severe, the lowest record -63 °C, this area became less crowded in the present day. 

4. Snag, Yukon – Canada 

Snag village stands at #4 in the top 10 coldest places on Earth. It is located on a side-road off the Alaska highway -25 Km South of Beaver Creek, Yukon – Canada. Here the weather is cold, January is the coldest month here and the lowest temperature recorded is -81.4 °F (-63 °C). 

5. Eismitte – Greenland

At the 5th position stands Eismitte. This place is situated on the Arctic side of Greenland. It is completely covered by ice and the coldest temperature recorded was -64 °C (March). 

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6. North Ice – Greenland

North Ice it is situated on the inland ice of Greenland. The North Ice was once the research station for a British expedition towards North Greenland. It stands on the 6th place in the list of top 10 coldest places on Earth. The coldest temperature recorded was -86.8 °F & -67 °C. 

7. Verkhoyansk – Russia

Verkhoyansk recorded the coldest temperature on Earth, 189 °F (105 °C). Russia is already known for the extraordinary cold winters, but this is too scary! Verkhoyansk is a town in Verkhoyansky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located on the Yana River near the Arctic Circle.

8. Oymyakon – Russia

Do you guys know which city is the coldest place in the world? Well, the coldest place in our top 10 coldest places in the world, places Oymyakon with a very extreme cold climate registered (-71 °C). Frightening!!! December, January, and February are the coldest months of this frozen place. And summer is not friendly at all, the temperature during summers stands at -10 °C. 

9. Plateau Station – Antarctica 

Things are getting much more serious right now! Plateau Station is the second coldest place after Vostok. Guess what guys! July is the coldest month with a temperature of -123 °F. Perhaps this is the real place where Elsa came from :D. Dark and severe winters make this place inheritable. 

10. Vostok – Antarctica 

The Vostok station is situated at the Southern Pole of cold, in the center of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. In August temperature of -89 °C (-128.6 °F) was recorded. What do you guys think? Is Antarctica the coldest place? Also, don’t forget to tell us whether you liked our list of top 10 coldest places on earth?

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