Top 10 Best Sex Positions 2019 that will Help You Reinvigorate Your Love Life

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Due to busy and hectic schedule, it is quite possible to lose interest in your partner. That’s why we have brought you the list of top 10 best sex positions 2019. You can choose any of these lovemaking activities to reinvigorate your private life and strengthen your relationship. The bond between two people in any relationship is crucial to maintain as it would fall apart if you do not care unconditionally.

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Even though your woman seems to be strong or straightforward, she needs love and optimum care. Showcasing your caring nature will not only make her feel special and loved, but also encourages her to do the same for you. A wise man once said that the male partner is always the center of a woman’s world. It is, indeed, true. Most of the females out there love their partner unconditionally. In such a situation, they also deserve immense love in return.

So, no matter how rough the last couple of weeks have been, you can still make it up her. How? It’s simple. All you need to do is making her feel loved and cared. Follow our love life guide and win her trust again.

Top 10 Best Sex Positions 2019 to Satisfy Her Physical Needs


Last but not least, Maypole is one of the most pleasurable and best lovemaking positions for girls. Lift her while in standing position and let her wrap her legs around you. You can start casually if you want and then slowly get up while holding her in your arms. Since her clitoris rubs against your body, it becomes more pleasurable for her. However, if she is heavy, I would not advise to try it. It can be tiring as well. Maypole stands at 1st place among top 10 best sex positions 2019.

Custom ‘69′

In our list, the next is custom ‘69′. To perform this, you both need to get in the original ‘69′ position but instead of letting her do things, you can do the strokes. Likewise, she can push herself towards you to enjoy more. This position can also be done by getting on the top. For example, you can lie down and ask your partner to sit on you.

Custom Missionary

Missionary is one of the oldest or the most common intimacy positions. Most of the people start their private life with the missionary. If you have also tried it before and want to experiment, you should try the custom one. To perform this, you simply need to put a pillow beneath the butt of your partner. It will allow you deeper penetration. So what are you waiting for? Try it this weekend.

Straight Sex

As the name suggests, it is pretty straightforward position. To perform this, your partner needs to sit in your lap while wrapping you around with her legs. Since you both face each other, it would not be a surprise if you add a romantic French kiss on the menu. It allows for deeper penetration. Plus, your hands will be free which means you can use it grab her boobs or butt or support her in strokes. This romantic position occupies the 4th place among other top 10 best sex positions 2019.


People who do not have a place or can’t go to their place to have some erotic fun prefer Sidecar. The position is identical to spooning; however, it is performed in a vehicle. You can take her out somewhere in your car and have fun at a decent or non-traffic spot. Follow the procedure of Spooning to perform this position in your car. But hey, don’t forget to lock the car from inside while making sure all the window glasses are up.


Romantic list of positions is always topped by Spooning. It is the best activity for those romantic couples. Performable anywhere, Spooning allows deeper penetration. People with a smaller penis love it. To perform this, you both need to lie down on the same side. Once you are in position, you can penetrate her from behind. Since it leaves your hands free, you can grab her boobs or touch her clitoris for stimulation.

Custom Doggy Style

Who does not like doggy style? It is also one of the most common among the list of best lovemaking positions 2019. It is also used for quickies – any action that’s done in a hurry. Anyway, to perform this, you both need to get in the original doggy style position, then you can lift her legs using your hands. It will give you more control over the strokes. It comes at #7 in our list of top 10 best sex positions 2019.

Double Decker

This is just an enhanced version of reverse cowgirl. Ask your partner to start with reverse cowgirl and slowly lie down on you. It gives her control of the strokes; however, it also keeps your hands free. Means, they can roam all over her body ranging from breasts to the clitoris. To ensure your comfortability, she can use her hands to support her body weight rather than putting her entire body on you.

Mark the X Spot

Mark the X Spot is another one among romantic and best position you can try at your home or any other place where you find a table. To perform this, your partner needs to lie down on a flat surface with a height of at least 3 feet. You, on the other hand, will be penetrating her from the front while in standing position. Before penetration, you will need to lift her legs. You can let them rest on your shoulders if you want. Just make sure the table is stable and does not move when you are trying to get inside her.

Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl is one of the favorite lovemaking positions for many people. It is considered comfortable for both partners. It gives the girl control over strokes. To perform this, the male partner needs to lie down on his back whereas the female partner will sit on the top. Unlike cowgirl, the girl won’t face you in reverse cowgirl. It leaves your hands free. So, use them to stimulate your partner. It is the 10th of top 10 best sex positions 2019.

That’s it, people. These were some of the best lovemaking tricks you can use to win your woman’s heart. So, what are you waiting for? In case you need more help, you should check out our post on how to satisfy a woman in bed?



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