Top 10 Best Feel Good Movies of All Time to Watch in A Bad Mood

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Most of us are so concerned about our professional lives and the activities we have that it is hard for us to find time for ourselves. And if you have a demanding job, then the more likely you are to have worse moods. Sometimes we need to go through harder times to really appreciate the beautiful moments we have. If you encounter these conditions, find out that movies are a good remedy in this regard. So I have prepared the list of Top 10 Best Feel Good Movies of All Time to Watch in A Bad Mood.

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Top 10 Best Feel Good Movies of All Time to Cheer Up Your Mood

1. Lost in Translation

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson play the roles of Bob Harris and Charlotte in the film “Lost in Translation”, directed by Sofia Coppola. While Bob Harris is a rising actor, Charlotte is a young woman who is feeling lonely. The two meet in Tokyo, a meeting that causes them to not feel so alone anymore and to realize that they can give themselves a chance. The film shows how the connection between two people is much more important than how we perceive it. The movie occupies the first place among top 10 best feel good movies of all time.

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2. Synecdoche, New York

The film “Synecdoche”, directed by Charlie Kaufman, is one of the truly impressive films. He discusses how Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays the role of Caden Cotard, has several life experiences that make him fall into a deep depression. At the same time, he also receives an important prize, which is why he decides to start directing a play. This film captures the melancholy an artist faces, his dissatisfaction, but also why he cannot adapt to a certain group of people. It comes in at second position amid top 10 best feel good movies of all time.

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3. Inside Llewyn Davis

The movie “Inside Llewyn Davis” captures the way people are solely responsible for their lives. The condition of the individual is surprised by Oscar Isaac who plays the main character. Also, this movie will definitely get you thinking and make you wonder twice before making an important decision in life. This interesting movie emphasizing on decision making has won the third place on the list of top 10 best feel good movies of all time.

4. The Graduate

“The Graduate” shows us the way in which a young graduate has no idea what to do in life. Benjamin Braddock even gets to have an affair with his girlfriend’s wife, and thus manages to take refuge and stop thinking about everyday problems.

5. Silver Linings Playbook

After Pat, the character played by Bradley Cooper, is deceived by his wife in the movie “Silver Linings Playbook”, he even gets admitted to a clinic. In the meantime, he meets Tiffany, who seems to change her perception of life. Subsequently, they come to have a relationship. Thus, the film shows us how a mere meeting with the right man, at the right time, is the key through which we can change our perception of life. The fifth position of top 10 best feel good movies of all time is held by this movie.

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6. The Square

The line between hope and despair is very fine, and most people do not realize how important it is not to lose hope, no matter how serious the situation may be. The movie “The Square” is a documentary and captures images, feelings, ideas, but also how the revolution took place in Egypt. The awesome documentary gets sixth position on the list of top 10 best feel good movies of all time.

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7. Fruitvale Station

The movie “Fruitvale Station” has as inspiration a real life story, more precisely a young man of color is shot in the subway by a policeman. Even though there were several people present throughout the scene, they did not jump to the aid of the movie, filming it and even becoming an extremely viral subject. It marks its presence at 7th on our list of top 10 best feel good movies of all time.

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8. 12 Years a Slave

In a context dominated by the Civil War, Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays Solomon Northup in the film “12 Years a Slave”. The film captures the way a young man of color finds the power to fight for his freedom, but especially for safety.

9. North Country

Standing at #9 among other top 10 best feel good movies of all time, the movie “North Country” shows us how women have been subjected to sexual abuse and harassment since 1980, when a woman, after a long period of time having to endure abuse from men, decided that it was time to appeal to the authorities. The film remained a reference because it was the first time a woman was successful in a sexual harassment trial.

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10. Chinatown

Of course, from the movie “Chinatown” you have what it takes to detach. The film features Hollis, a landowner who owns more land in California who is trapped while cheating on his wife, and commits suicide. Later, Jack, who surprised Hollis with another woman, decides to investigate his death because he does not think he killed himself.

That’s all, my friends. It was the list of top 10 best feel good movies of all time. Did we miss any? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below.

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