Top 10 Beauty Sleep Tips for Getting Prettier While Sleeping

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Beauty sleep is required if you want to improve your looks and wake up looking amazing. Online forums are full of questions such as “why do I feel tired after waking up in the morning?” While you can hide those dark circles and wrinkles on your face using some concealer, it certainly does not help your body recover from not taking enough hours of sleep. Your skin starts aging before its time and I don’t think I need to tell you that it’s no less than a nightmare to see yourself in the mirror with wrinkles on your face. So, what’s the solution? The answer is beauty sleep. I am going to list top 10 beauty sleep tips that will help you get prettier while sleeping.

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Top 10 Beauty Sleep Tips

These top 10 beauty sleep tips will help you look fresh-faced despite working all day long or pulling an all-nighter. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

1. Get Rid of Distractions

First of all, getting rid of distraction is what you need to do. Turn the lights off, put your phone aside, and try to sleep without thinking about anything. Keep in mind that those texts and notifications can be check out in the morning. Also, if there is an emergency, you would rather get a call than some text. It stands at #1 in the list of top 10 beauty sleep tips.

2. Healthy Drinks Before Sleeping

Working all day long makes your body dehydrated. Plus, you certainly can’t drink something while sleeping. So, it is better to drink something healthy before getting into bed. You can drink coconut water or fresh lime soda. Also, avoid drinking packaged fruit juice or cold drinks before sleeping. Healthy drinks stands at #2 in the list of beauty sleep tips.

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3. Remove the Makeup

Never sleep while you still have your makeup on. It dehydrates your skin. In case you are too tired to go to the washroom, keep some good quality face wipes by the bed so that you can use them to get rid of your makeup. One more thing – do not use clothes or towels as they do not cleanse the makeup properly. Removing the makeup stands at #4 in the list of top 10 beauty sleep tips.

4. Always Sleep On Your Back

It has been scientifically proven that sleeping on your side puts strain on your skin and can bring wrinkles. Also, you should sleep on a flat surface but I don’t think you can compromise on your cozy mattress. Anyway, if you tend to sleep on your side, you can see that your other side has less wrinkles than the one you usually sleep on. Under beauty sleep tips, it stands at #4.

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5. Moisturize Your Skin

Anti-aging creams can help you get rid of dried skin. Dermatologists say that using some anti-aging creams before sleeping is beneficial as they contain hyaluronic acid which helps to smooth wrinkles by attracting water into your skin. Also, use lip balm and eyelash conditioner before sleeping. Miniaturization comes in at #5 in the list of top 10 beauty sleep tips.

6. Use Silk Pillowcases

According to physicians, silk glides easily against any surface which means it can prevent wrinkles and creasing. Since it creates less friction between your skin and the case, it softens the wrinkles. Plus, it is also easier on hair and avoids breakage and tangles. Using silk pillowcases stands at #6 in the list of beauty sleep tips.

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7. Frequently Change Pillowcases

Washing the pillowcases is essential if you do not want to let your skin rest on the nest of bacteria. According to doctors, you should at least wash your pillowcases twice a week. Also, do not forget to flip the case after using it for eight hours. Under top 10 beauty sleep tips, I think it is the most important one.

8. Say No to Super-Salty Food/Booze

Consuming alcohol dehydrates your body and if you sleep right after drinking, your skin stays dehydrated for hours. So, avoid drinking before sleeping. Also, salty foods are big No-No. Your body tries to compensate the hydration loss which results in puffy-eyes. It stands at #8 in other beauty sleep tips.

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9. Use A Humidifier

Drinking lots of water definitely helps you hydrate your skin; however, it is not possible to drink water while sleeping unless you are some kind of wizard. So, it is better to use a humidifier so that your skin could stay hydrated throughout the night. It helps more during winters as your skin tends to dry more at that time. Humidifiers come in at #9 in the list of top 10 beauty sleep tips.

10. Tie Your Hair While Sleeping

It’s better to let the natural oils of your hair stay in your scalp only. So, you can tie your hair before sleeping so that they don’t cover your face; however, do not pull them into a tight bun as it causes breakage. Doctors suggest using scarf to tie your hair, preferably silk one. It is the last but least among other beauty sleep tips.

That’s all, folks! These were the 10 beauty sleep tips to look younger and prettier every day.

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