The Fake Friend is More Dangerous Than the Enemy

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Friendship is a beautiful creation of people. Without friends, life would be so boring. Friends are completing us & make our life happy. One of the best moments of our lives it’s experimented while we have fun with our friends. They are the pillars of support when things go wrong. When nobody else understands you, they do! Someone is lucky to get true friends. That’s why, everyone is selfish, everyone wants their own good & not thinking anymore about somebody else. That’s why the fake friend is more dangerous than the enemy.

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The world is full of fake friends & people generally. Which it apparently seems like they take care of you but in reality, they are just waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of your friendship. In this article “the fake friend is more dangerous than the enemy” I would like to share with you a story I’ve heard when I was a child.

Choose your friends wisely | The Fake Friend is More Dangerous Than the Enemy.

Two friends walked through the forest. They knew that something dangerous might happen at any moment in the woods. So, they have made a promise to each other, that they will be united no matter what happens. All at once, they spotted a big bear approaching them. One of the friends climbed on a tree. But the other one didn’t know how to climb. So, being driven by his common sense, he lies down on the ground without breathing, faking his death.

The bear approached the human laying down on the ground. He smelled his ears & slowly walked away. Because bears don’t touch dead creatures. Now, the friend descended from the tree and asked: “My friend, what did he whisper in your ear?”. The other friend answered, “The bear advised me, never trust a fake friend”.

Choose your friends wisely | The Fake Friend is More Dangerous Than the Enemy.

As we saw in the story above, it takes just a moment for someone to betray you. This is a very important message for everyone. We need to be extremely careful when we choose our friends. Some can take benefit of your money, some of your kindness & help. I am not saying we shouldn’t help someone. Definitely, we should. This would make the world to deserve a better life to live. We just need to be careful and not let anyone take advantage of our kindness.

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