Summer-resistant lipsticks | What to choose for an impeccable makeup

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Summer makeup is more discreet, cheerful and based on delicate or intense colors, depending on your mood! When it comes to summer-resistant lipsticks, it’s good to keep in mind a few small issues. The textures that persist on the lips are mostly matte, powdery and the colors are totally different from those you wear in the winter.

In the summer it is good to opt for lighter lipsticks in tones of red brick, pale pink, nude, pink roses or a discreet purple. Thus, you get a harmonious look, in tune with the outside weather.

Why would it be better to choose resistant lipstick on any occasion? As you choose in summer for a more durable foundation and change your makeup routine, the lipstick also changes its texture for almost the same reasons.

Temperatures are higher, humidity is higher, you will drink more and more water, and so the appearance of lipstick will spoil. And let’s not forget parties, where the look should be impeccable.

I thought to help you a little and give you some suggestions of summer-resistant lipsticks that have all sorts of textures, from the matt and powder to the shiny and moisturizing ones. What colors would be at least interesting for the warm season? Skin tones are usually the most recommended, so you should know how to choose them correctly. Also, read our article: 3 Makeup techniques to look gorgeous 2019

Discover some summer-resistant lipsticks and shade ideas that will help you get the perfect look

Nude, suitable for a natural look

If you want a more natural look, makeup like “no make-up style”, or just want to emphasize your eyes, then the best decision is a nude lipstick.

These have all sorts of textures – my favorites are the glossy and slightly moisturizing, for the day, and the mate for the evening.

                                                    Lipstick Color Riche Satin, Nr. 274, L’Oreal Paris

Summer-resistant lipsticks

                                                              Liquid lipstick Intense Liquid Matte, Guerlain

Pink Tones

Pink tones are suited for harmonious makeup, choosing the same color for both the eye and the lips. Moreover, these pink rose tones fit for every occasion. For example, the day you can wear a delicate pink tone to a simple makeup with just a line of eyeliner in the eye area, and in the evening you can match a shade of pale pink roses matted to smokey eye makeup.

                                                                Collistar Unico Lipstick, nr. 2, Collistar

Summer-resistant lipsticks

                                                                             Vice Lipstick, Urban Decay

Summer-resistant lipsticks

                                           Bury Them With A Smile, Nr. Baby Doll Against BS, Pretty Vulgar

Summer-resistant lipsticks

Purple Plum, in a discreet tone

In winter it is easier to wear dark colors such as brown, purple or dark purple. In the summer, however, if you choose the right texture, purple lipstick can radically change your look. It would be better to choose glossy and slightly pigmented textures so that you do not create that intense look of autumn.

You can combine the purple plum lipstick with a very discreet makeup in the eye area. This way, you get a stylish look.

                                                             Lipstick Color Riche Shine, Nr. 466, L’Oreal Paris

Summer-resistant lipsticks

                                          Liquid lipstick, My Lips Are Sealed, Nr. Forget Me Not, Pretty Vulgar

                                                           Vice Lipstick, nr. After Dark, Urban Decay


Red never gets old-fashioned. In the summer you can choose any type of red shade. The light red, with tuna corals, is my favorite for the summer days.

                                                                      Rouge Liquide, nr. 203, Givenchy

                                                         Liquid lipstick Stay Satin, Nr. 500, Rimmel London

                                                                        Vice Lipstick, Nr. Band, Urban Decay


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