Sneakers for Women- Prefered by Fashionistas!

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We love sandals and slippers in the summer, but sometimes we want more support for our feet. Sometimes we want to wear comfortable shoes, without sacrificing the “chic”. For these days we have selected the coolest summer models of sneakers for women.

Sneakers for Women 2019

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Even in the season of bare feet and pedicures at sight, the feet need a little vacation from sandals and more stability. The perfect answer: sneakers! Trendy models combine breathable textures with a comfortable fit and interesting accents.

Wear them everywhere: Choose espadrille-sneakers!

Sneakers for Women- Prefered by Fashionistas!

If you love those lightweight espadrilles, with rope, there are also variants where you can step easier. We know that espadrilles are not necessarily perfect in supporting the foot. But these summer sports shoes that combine espadrilles and sneakers are ideal. They have lightweight shoe-down support. Not to mention that they send us with the thought of dolce vita and walks through the Italian markets. Match the sneakers with simple fur dresses and maxi, floral skirts.

For white outfits: Choose pastel colors Converse sneakers!

Converse will never go out of trend. And the pastel variants are even cooler this season. You can also choose tie-dye patterns (faded) so chic in the autumn of 2019. And add them as a contrast, in All White outfits.

Sneakers for Women- Prefered by Fashionistas!

Ideal for long walks: Sneaker with cutouts!

If you prefer to make your summer comfortable shoes, definitely you’ll like these types of sneakers. Not only that the sole is comfortable, specific to the sneakers, but it also has soft pillows, and in addition, the cuts give ventilation of the legs. Moreover, the rubber soles do not slip and the entire design is designed to support the foot in motion.

Sneakers for Women- Prefered by Fashionistas!

Metallic style sneakers: But super comfortable!

The shoe shape created by The New Balance is perhaps one of the most comfortable. The shoes adapt to the shape of the foot, provide ankle support and are flexible. Plus, it looks absolutely fabulous. You can’t go wrong choosing them! And this because it combines the fashion details of the moment.

Sneakers for Women- Prefered by Fashionistas!

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Sneakers with platform

In general, if we think about sports shoes we consider that they have to be shoes without heels. Yes, but it can have an extra lift if you want a few extra inches. For example, the sneakers with a platform are both comfortable and eager to explore the city, but also very friendly!

Sneakers for Women- Prefered by Fashionistas!

Grab the attention with mesh textile shoes

These type of sneakers is possible to be made in connection with a flexible texture, care is needed and it adapts to the feet. Moreover, the top material ventilates the foot so well, so goodbye socks! Let’s not forget the comfortable sole and it can be worn without laces. It’s our choice of sneakers for women.

Sneakers for Women- Prefered by Fashionistas!

Slip-on sneakers for women

The classic Vans slip-on sneakers are just as good. Suitable for soberer outfits, but also for denim dresses, or shorts. They are comfortable, without a doubt grabs attention.

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