Side Effects of Salt: What Are The Dangers of Consuming Too Much Salt?

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Excessive salt intake can be harmful to anyone, according to the experts! There are numerous studies done by medical researchers, and according to them, excessive salt intake seems to have a few bad effects on our bodies. Here’s what we know about the side effects of salt.

Side Effects of Salt, Why Too Much Can Harm Your Health!

The ideal amount of salt for an adult should not be more than 2g per day. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, or high blood pressure are advised by their doctor to eat less salt, and for a good reason! So, here are the side effects of salt if consumed in large amounts.


1. You Eat Too Many Processed Foods

People tend to consume processed foods because of their busy schedules. Cooking at home your own meals is the best way to control your salt intake. Processed cheese, pickles, sauces, packaged soups, seasoned oats, etc, should be avoided as much as possible to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure or any other heart disease.

2. You’re Dehydrated

Water retention is one of many side effects of salt in the body. Excessive salt intake may lead to weight gain, swollen feet, puffy eyes, and inexplicable fatigue even after 7-8 hours of sleep. Make sure to drink sufficient water and add salt to your dished in small amounts.

3. Your Stomach Feels Bloated

Bloating is another symptom of these side effects of salt. However, you should worry much, because bloating is a sign of a digestive problem occuring quite often but it can be treated at home with herbal teas and avoiding food that produce too much gas, such as spicy, and oily foods, or you can try an ayurvedic remedy that helps reduce bloating.

4. Loss of Appetite

The side effects of salt can strike on your appetite as well. Excessive salt intake can lead to loss of appetite. Giving up on salted foods will make your appetite change and you may not enjoy eating very salted foods anymore.

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5. Stomach Irritation

We already know how uncomfortable the heartburn can be, but this problem can be avoided if you stop eating too much salt. These heartburns can be very distressing and even increase the risk of gastritis, and stomach ulcers. Do not avoid these side effects of salt!

6. Heart Disease

As we mentioned above, excessive salt intake may lead to hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases. People suffering from heart diseases are advised by the doctors to lower their salt intake because it may make their condition worse. #6 is one of the side effects of salt you should be concerned about.

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7. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be a painful experience that everyone should avoid. There is no exact cause for this, but in addition to family history, and dehydration, the extra amount of salt consumed can play an important role leading to kidney stones development . You can prevent all the side effects of salt by drinking plenty of water, add just a pinch of salt to your meals, and paying close attention to your diet.

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