Sexual Rejection from Your Partner

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Sex it’s an integral part of a happy couple relationship and many couples face this problem. But sexual rejection from your partner can be hard to understand. Let’s talk in detail about the changes we can make to change our couple life in better.

Sexual rejection reflects the problems in a couple life or this can appear when the person who refuses, can’t break away from everyday life and he can’t find enough time to get close to his partner. Such a situation is not easy to overcome, especially as it is taken personally by the rejected one, which can feel extremely vulnerable, unattractive for his/her partner or a lot of women may not feel attractive by any man after a rejection.

Mental differences between the two sexes make their mark on the way they manage with rejection in a couple, if a man it’s rejected multiple times by his partner, he may end up desiring to look for another woman, while a rejected woman by the man she loves, will end up thinking that the lack of sexual appetite is because he is cheating her. Maybe that woman partner it’s stressed, tired, or he may have a very busy period at work. Often this type of partner who appeals to sexual rejection- it’s an internalized partner who does not share his problems.

One of the modalities a woman can approach her partner in a situation like this (sexual rejection), it’s her attitude, she should not “attack” him but to choose a type of affectionate communication, which you use it to ask him to explain the situation.

If you thought that a man doesn’t wish to save his relationship as much as a woman, then you’re wrong! It depends how important that relationship is for us, it’s not just about sex. There are people who choose the easiest way of giving up and not fighting to save it.

Tips for your partner and yourself:

  • You are supportive
  • Be very patient
  • You don’t have the absurd claim that he needs to be by your side when you have a problem if you don’t do the same for him.

It’s important to understand that this sexual rejection period it does not concern you, your flaws, your qualities, but for him (your partner). The solution is with the two of you, communication and understanding are the keys. So if you want to know more about your love life and discover more things about relationships read our article about  10 soulmate signs.

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