Sexual Incompatibility? How to build sexual compatibilty with your partner!

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Sexual compatibility is closely linked to how you feel in your own skin. Thus, a healthy attitude toward sexuality is extremely important. So if your relationship it’s suffering from sexual incompatibility you must read this and learn how to build sexual compatibility with your partner.

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Sexual Incompatibility & How to build sexual compatibility

When you don’t feel good about yourself, your body, or your imperfections… This fact can fact a serious impact on your intimate life.

It is very important to know your body, to explore it. Only this way you’ll discover what truly satisfies you, what your senses are enjoying, and you can guide your partner in that direction. Men cannot read your thoughts. You must guide them and bring them where you want.

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Sexual incompatibility? Here’s how to build sexual compatibility with your partner!

Sex life fulfilled? Yes, you can!

1. Communicate

Before you think about the sexual act itself, you need to communicate. Open and efficient. Talk about what you want in bed, how you want it to happen, what you could do to spice up your intimate life. Obviously, discussions without actions will be void. You and your partner must be willing to pay attention to details. And give importance to the wishes of each other.

2. Experience

For a fulfilled sex life, you must be willing to try new things. Exceed your limits! Only so you could reach the peaks of pleasure. And be spontaneous! Every woman loves to be surprised sometimes, and this desire applies also when it comes to sex. Give your boyfriend a position you’ve never tried before or you two can have sex in a new place. It is important to get out of routine.

3. Sexual incompatibility? Adapt yourself!

We are all different and we want different things. Find out what pleases him and enjoy a unique sex journey!

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4. Take into account your individual values

It is imperative that you and your partner understand each other in bed and outside. If you fight the entire day, but sex it’s fantastic. Your relationship will not last. If on the other hand, you like how you think, how you act… your sexual incompatibility issue might be successfully solved.

5. The sense of humor it’s very important

Last but not least… you have to feel good about each other’s company. Does it make you laugh? Have fun together? Well, fun is one of the most important ingredients in your relationship.

Don’t take yourself for granted… Life is so beautiful!

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