From Sajjad Bhat to ‘Fidayeen’ Valley Spurs More Trouble for India

India enters a historically new 'day' with now the 'war of words' turning ugly in reality

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Fresh wounds had not healed barely and more trouble began to spur for Indian defense and authorities, who’ll be figuring out in a day or two whether India can avoid another war with the notorious enemy or will all guns go ‘blazing’ as the valley spurs more trouble for India.

Pulwama Avenged? Not So Early, Claims Pak Ministry

Clearly Indian army, intelligence and the government had ‘revenge’ on their minds from the very day the country lost more than 40 brave CRPF men to a ghastly attack in Pulwama. Since then, the owner of the SUV that did the damage to the convoys and carried heavy amounts of RDX, has been traced as one Sajjad Bhat, from Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district. Bhat has reportedly now joined Jaish-e-Mohammed‘s ‘Fidayeen’ squad and the info came to light only after the 17 year old escaped a search party from the NIA (National Investigation Agency) on Tuesday, 26th February.

With new leaks spilling the great conspiracy that unfolded in J&K killing unarmed men who were barely being shifted from Jammu to Kashmir after returning from holidays, the country prepared further to legitimately surprise Pakistani terror-camps and their ringmaster Azhar Masood.

Mirage 2000 Charge In Pak Territory – Historic Day

Unrest in the valley spurs trouble for India, India reply in a historic way, may a tad-bit-overdramatic considering this is 2019, the year of the general elections, here in India. As the citizens slept to wake up for another hectic day, a dozen Mirage 2000 jets took off from different bases and flew straight for Pakistan. Pakistani Army spokesperson, Asif Ghafoor lost his patience on live television but warned the Indians to wait for their ‘surprise’ as they were clearly left wondering about what struck them and their terror-bosses in Balakot.

Ghafoor, though claimed that Indians did no damage on their territory except felling a few trees, agreed that Indian airplanes flew for 4-5 minutes inside Pakistan’s airspace, creating chaos and confusion for the locals as well as for the army. Of course, it comes as a legitimate fact that Pakistan will deny the presence of any terror camp on their territory but the locals claimed the IAF had missed Jaish-e-Mohammed’s madarsa in the area by at least a kilometer.

Day 2 – PAF Launched Offensive

As the Indian Air Force gained popularity for avenging the ‘Pulwama’ attacks in their own style, PM Modi held a special meeting with NSA Ajit Doval and other chiefs from the Army, Air-force, and the Navy. After almost a day’s offensive in Balakot, the morning of 27th February saw two Pakistani fighter-jets intrude India’s airspace. One was shot down, the other escaped.

But as the day started to end, there were reports of losing two MiG-21s, both were shot down, one safely falling on the Indian end, the other not-so-luckily toppling at the enemy’s backyard in POK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir). Though Radio Pakistan’s twitter handle uploaded fresh pictures of an Indian squadron leader being arrested and captured, Indian authorities remained shunned till reports of an officer going MIA surfaced.

Watch, live footage released by Radio Pakistan. Squadron Leader Varthaman in custody

The same officer who was MIA, has now been identified as the squadron leader who was arrested by Pakistani forces. The IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, is seen in a video released by Pakistan, telling his name and other formal details before disagreeing to give-out more details. He was captured, beaten up, and then arrested, which is against the ‘Geneva Conventions’ set by the UN. Where’s the muscle and the 56 inch chest thumping ‘Chowkidaar’ now, one can only wonder.


Post Event Analysis: 

It is still unclear whether the two nations face the prospect of ‘going to war’ once again but Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan came out saying that they wanted ‘peace’ and to continue dialogue on terrorism with a ‘sane’ mind.

Though India is strategically always superior to the safe-haven for terrorists, Pakistan, a nuclear-war can cause severe damage to India’s advancements in the social, technological, and economical spheres. On the contrary, a country starving for food and their banks going ‘bankrupt’ has nothing to lose but a chance to ‘make others lose’, big time. Here, we are the others!

From Sajjan Bhat to the ‘JeM Fidayeen’ India has a lot to struggle against and very little to carry alongside in their favor. China, Saudi-Arabian investment, and other such intrinsic factors swell-up India’s hold in this whole scenario but clearly the government is in favor, gaining political-mileage out of the whole fiasco and probably could use the same fuel to regain power in 2019.

[Note: The Author’s views are personal and do not intend to point-out or malign someone’s role-play in this entire Indo-Pak episode, where the Kashmir valley spurs more trouble for India]


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