Rice Water Benefits for Skin, Get Beautiful Glowing Skin Naturally


Next time after boiling rice, think twice before throwing the water away. Rice water is rich in minerals and vitamins (B1, C, E) which helps soften and tone skin. This is an ancient beauty secret used by Asians for centuries. Here’s everything you need to know about rice water benefits for skin.

Rice Water Benefits for Skin

Rice Water Benefits for Skin, Get Beautiful Glowing Skin Naturally

Rice water has the power to regenerate and nourish skin, being one of the oldest and efficient Asian beauty treatments. It can be made at home using jasmine rice and distilled/purified water. Just boil the rice and drain excess water in a glass. Refrigerate for up to 4 days and use it on your skin and hair. Let’s see below rice water benefits for skin.

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Rice water can be used as a toner, having a soft astringent effect. Wash your face then soak a cotton disk in rice water. Dab the soaked disc on your skin for soothing effects.

Rice contains a vitamin B complex and inositol, capable to slow down the aging process and improve blood flow. This can minimize enlarged pores and gives brightness.

Removes Hyperpigmentation

Rice water showed moisturizing properties. Its antioxidant content reduces hyperpigmentation caused by aging. It can also help with acne, redness, and sunburns. Just soak cotton discs in cold rice water and apply them to your face.

Skin Soothing

Its soothing properties can make an efficient remedy for irritations and other skin affections. In a study, patients with atopic dermatitis showed a 20% improvement in their conditions, after taking baths with rice water twice a day.

How to Make Rice Water for Skin

Boil 1 glass of organic jasmine rice as you would for cooking. Drain excess water and store it in a container. Let it cool down completely before using. You can keep it in the fridge for 4-5 days. During this time, make sure to prepare another batch.

Rice water benefits for skin can help with acne, hyperpigmentation, sunburns, and other skin problems.

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