Remedies for dried and discolored hair

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Hair discoloration and radical changes of look or just a beach vacation may result in dried, damaged, not brilliant hair. Over time, I’ve tried multiple masks and treatments for this hair problem. Some of them had visible results, some less. Today I am going to talk about the remedies for dried and discolored hair I am using to maintain a shiny, hydrated and healthy hair.

Of course, there are countless homemade recipes for masks, with all kinds of ingredients, but… I personally don’t like to keep a mask with yogurt and honey on my hair for 40 minutes or some other strange combinations. So, I choose everything simpler.

What Do I Use for Dried Hair? Remedies for Dried and Discolored Hair?

  • Coconut oil is never-failing from my house. I always use it, in both cooking and hair/skin care. Coconut oil is recommended for dried and damaged hair because it’s rich in proteins, fatty acids, potassium, and vitamins. It has a pleasant smell, so most of the times, I apply in the evening on the entire length of hair and leave it like this until morning.

Remedies for dried and discolored hair

  • Olive Oil is also very efficient for dried hair. I apply it exactly the same way as coconut oil, but I have to admit I like the coconut oil smell much more. Apply the olive oil on the entire length of hair, wrap it in the towel and leave it like this until morning.

Remedies for dried and discolored hair

  • Egg Yolk is rich in proteins and fats which will help dehydrated hair. For the days I do housework, I quickly make a mask from egg yolk combined with 2-3 tablespoons (depends on the length of hair) of coconut oil and then I tie my hair in a bun.

Remedies for dried and discolored hair

  • Moroccan oil it’s not as cheap as the other options above, but it’s a product I am using after washing my hair. Usually, I am mixing 2-3 teaspoons of Moroccan oil with 2-3 teaspoons of any moisturizing masks you can use any mask). And apply it on the entire length for 40 minutes, then I am washing my hair.

From my point of view, we don’t necessarily need to invest huge amounts of money in products for this problem, especially when we have some cheaper and more affordable solutions. These natural remedies for dried and discolored hair work for me, and that’s why I wanted to share them with you.

I need to mention that split and damaged tips cannot be repaired only with masks and oils – for this problem, the only solution is the scissors, unfortunately.

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