R. Kelly Pleads Not Guilty After Multiple Sexual Abuse Charges

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Grammy-winning American Musician R. Kelly pleads not guilty to sex abuse charges and was denied the right to bail in July, according to bbc.com

R. Kelly pleads not guilty to sex abuse charges

R. Kelly was brought to a court in Brooklyn, New York on Friday to answer several allegations of sexual offenses, including recruiting young people to maintain sexual relationships while on tour. The girls calling him “Daddy” were raped, sometimes without the ability to eat or use the toilet.  R Kelly pleads not guilty despite these accusations.

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The star, who has been charged with sexual abuse for decades, was brought to New York from Chicago, where he is being held on charges of pedophilia. In the separate trial in Chicago, 13 charges were filed on behalf of R. Kelly, including video recordings of minor victims. In this trial, R. Kelly pleads not guilty.

The rapper R. Kelly accused of child pornography

The New York trial involves 5 victims, unidentified women, 3 of them were minors at the time of the alleged abuse, which also included rape. R. Kelly is accused of kidnapping one of the women. Also, another victim would have been exposed without her knowledge of the venereal disease.

Kelly has scheduled a new hearing in the Chicago trial on September 4.

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In 2008, the rapper was acquitted of child pornography charges and has always denied that he would to such gestures. R. Kelly pleaded not guilty again.

At the age of 52, R. Kelly released 12 studio albums, sold to 75 million children, and was rewarded, among the other things, with 3 Grammy Awards. In 1994, R. Kelly married his protégé Aaliyah, a 15-year-old R&B star. The marriage was ended a year later.

Earlier this year, the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly “was released, in which over 50 artists, journalists, relatives, and close relatives of the rapper confess their negative experience with him. The documentary has received a nomination for the Emmy Awards to be awarded in the autumn.

It seems that rapper R. Kelly pleads not guilty despite all the accusations.

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