How to Protect Your Cat During Summers

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There’s no way that you can keep your cat away from scorching heat in those days. Remember that cats are free spirits; they like to walk around and go out, now and then. Keeping your cat e friendly is so far for the biggest challenge faced by pet parents even today! Before anything, the golden rule to keep your feline cool from inside is to feed her with moisture rich food. Is your cat summer friendly? Learn how to protect your cat during summers. Keep an eye on our How to Hinglish Guide for more updates!

Let’s have a look at the problems and solutions: How to protect your cat during summers

  • Fleas & worms

If you’re lucky, your little fur ball will never be bothered by fleas. It is the summertime wherein cats are more susceptible to fleas and worms. If she is, she’ll scratch and bite herself, and in some cases might have a skin reaction. But never fear. It’s easy to spot when fleas have made their home on your kitten. They’re brownish-black in color and you’ll see them moving on her coat. You’ll also notice black specks of flea dirt under her fur!

How to Protect Your Cat During Summers

  • Heat Stroke

Heat stroke in cats happens when they are exposed to extreme heat and his body loses the ability to regulate its temperature, resulting in overheating. Elderly, overweight cats and kittens have a harder time regulating their body temperature and as a result, have a greater risk of suffering from heat stroke. Make sure to keep your cats indoor during day time especially.

How to Protect Your Cat During Summers

  • Sunburns

Yes, you heard it right! Just as humans, cats also get sunburns during hot days.

How to Protect Your Cat During Summer

How to tackle the problem?

  • Do not forget to include moisture rich food with an adequate amount of nutrients.
  • Do not give uncooked meat or let her eat human food.
  • Make sure that your cat has a constant supply of fresh drinking water.
  • Cooldown towels in the freezer and then place in your cat’s bed to lie on.
  • Stick to the same food. Changing it suddenly or repeatedly can upset her delicate stomach.
  • Clear your yard of plants that are poisonous to cats.

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