The Perfect Outfit For a Business Meeting

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Whether we’re talking about office code, going to an office meeting or a business meeting, you have to respect a few lines. Discover how the outfit should look like for a business meeting!  If you worked in a business environment, you know that the label matters, but it’s hard to strike a balance between professionalism and your style. Today we solve all the dilemmas about business style.

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Dress Code & Business Attire

A business outfit is formal, often sober, smart, with clean lines, without decorative fireworks, nothing too flamboyant. If men are a little simpler because the business outfit is made up of a suit, we have many more options, and that can be confusing.

The outfit for a business meeting when choosing the formal style

The office casual and formal style differs considerably, and it is essential to know the differences because that’s how you will dress the way you feel best, but also according to the occasion. A formal style is somewhat soberer, reserved, often austere like the chromatic range or cuts details. For a business outfit, we recommend you to choose the formal dress code. That’s how you communicate that you are interested in professionalism.

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Business attire when choosing business-casual attire

A casual business style is a bit more relaxed. And it’s the synonym of an actual dress-code office. Small color accents or smart-casual clothing are allowed here.

Cocktail Business Attire

If the business meeting is at a cocktail after-hours, you have a little bit of freedom to add feminine, stylish, sophisticated lines. Do not forget, about the conservative style! A midi dress on the body, absolutely with sleeves, short or long, without a deep cleavage, possibly with an interesting detail of the cut. Perhaps decorative buttons, perhaps peplum, maybe a waist or collar cord and lapel or small steering wheel.

Tips to choose the outfit for a business meeting

1. Even if you choose sober, minimalist lines, don’t forget about comfort! Most often, pants are more comfortable than skirts or dresses.

2. Still, you can wear conical, midi or knee skirts as simple as possible. Or office dresses on the body without molding. The goal is to create a good first impression. Choose a conservative, classical style that remains feminine.

1. Do not match many jewels or accessories too visible. The outfit for a business meeting needs a watch, possibly a bracelet, a fine necklace, a simple chain or earrings, as small as the studs, for example. As for shoes and bags, choose comfortable cloak, neutral colors, and more basic textures. He chooses handbags, briefcases, shoulder bags as sober as possible.

2. Opt for straight, slightly flared, slim, or cigarette style pants. Do not wear too short (the length to the ankle is the shortest!) But not too long to the ground.

1. You can always choose the suit for a business outfit. Go on classic, sober and neutral tones. Forget the decorative details and choose minimalism. Do not choose too tight nor too loose, it might seem negligent.

2. At shoe chapter, don’t show your fingers at all! A classic pump or stiletto is ideal. Wear thick heels or shoes without heels, only on more permissive outfits. The average kitten or midget heel, as the women of the Royal Family wear, is perfect! Choose neutral tones here too and look to match the bag with your shoes.

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