No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake – Ready in 10 Minutes!


I love chocolate and biscuits so much I could survive with these two yummy things! 😀 Ah, and of course, my evening tea shouldn’t be missing. I thought of creating something delicious yet simple, a no-bake chocolate biscuit cake

What is No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake? 

No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake - Ready in 10 Minutes!

No-bake chocolate biscuit cake a vegan cake that doesn’t require baking and can be ready with just a handful of ingredients. All you need is dark chocolate and digestive biscuits or GF biscuits. This cake recipe is a true delight for vegans.

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How to Prepare No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake for Vegans?

How can a cake be prepared without baking? Well, there are a couple of ways. For example, I used a combination of unrefined cocoa butter, coconut sugar, and cocoa butter, which resulted in a delicious chocolate base for our no-bake chocolate biscuit cake for vegans.

You can use several other edibles to decorate your cake such, as chocolate flakes, dried fruits, nuts, and melted chocolate. I chose the chocolate flakes as I’m crazy about them.

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Ingredients for No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake 

  1. 200 grams of digestive biscuits or swap for GF
  2. four tablespoons of cocoa
  3. two tablespoons of coconut sugar
  4. 140 grams of almond butter
  5. 300 grams of dark chocolate
  6. 100 grams of unrefined cocoa butter

Methods of Preparing the No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake for Vegans 

  1. Add every ingredient (except the biscuits) to a heat-resistant bowl.
  2. Now place this bowl at the top of a water boiling pot.
  3. Stir your ingredients until they melt and turn into a fine and glossy mixture. Once ready, let the mixture cool down for 5 minutes.
  4. Now break your biscuits in another bowl and pour that cooled-down mixture on the biscuits.
  5. Transfer everything to a tray (I used a bread tray with a size of 22x12cm).
  6. Let it cool down a bit and put it in the fridge for around four hours.

Voila! Your no-bake chocolate biscuit cake is ready to be served. You can decorate your cake with whatever you want and then enjoy it with a cup of tea. This post is available in Romanian

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