Newborns Sleep Guide | A Complete Guide to Your Newborn’s Sleep

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You’ve probably realized newborns sleep a lot! In fact, on average, newborns spend 14 to 18 hours per day sleeping. So, given how important it is, you would definitely want to know everything about your baby’s sleep patterns and positions, and how to make sure he/she sleeps safely, easily and restfully. So here’s a complete guide for newborns sleep to help you out. Make sure your baby gets a great start to this big, new world with plenty of rest and relaxation.

The wrong sleeping position for a baby can sometimes be fatal and lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). To avoid this, it is essential to know the ideal sleeping positions for the little one and also the positions that you need to avoid:

Ultimate Guide for Newborns Sleep: Three Tips to Remember

  1. Right Way: Sleeping on the back

Sleeping on the back is the best and safest position for your baby to sleep in. It is the most suggested position as it keeps the airways open. The position is ideal for both short naps and sound sleep throughout the night. So, follow this guide for newborns sleep and make sure he/she is sleeping properly.

There is a small risk involved with the sleep on back position tough. Infants who sleep on their back in the same position for a long time may suffer from “positional plagiocephaly”, a case of flattened head or from “brachycephaly”, a case of flattened back.

The good news that these are temporary conditions and the shape will become normal by the time your child turns one-year-old and rarely requires any treatment.

Here are some tips you should follow:

  • Increase tummy time for your baby when he is awake
  • Turn your baby to the side while not sleeping
  • Keep changing the direction of your baby so that he does not tend to see the same things in one direction only.
  1. Wrong Way: Sleeping on the stomach

This position is highly unsafe for your little bundle of joy. Sleeping on the stomach may put some pressure on your baby’s jaws and block some airways making it difficult for him/her to breather. If he continues to sleep in this position, he may be lying with his face very close to the sheets and thus, keep breathing the same recycled air, which is lower in oxygen.

Sleeping on soft mattresses in this position may cause suffocation. However, in some cases, doctors prefer to make babies sleep in this position. Usually, babies with gastroesophageal reflux are advised to sleep in this position. So, consult your doctor before making your baby sleep like this. The guide for newborns sleep strictly denies this position.

  1. Wrong Way: Sleeping on the side

It is unsafe for your baby to sleep on his side as he can eventually roll-on to his tummy and thus, increase the risk of SIDS. If you want your baby to sleep independently, move him to a calm place when he is feeling sleepy, but not fully asleep. Dim the lights and come out of the room. If you hear your baby cry, let him do so for a few minutes. He might sleep after a while but if he continues to fuss, go back and pat. Do not pick him up. Soothe him and convey that you are close-by and again leave the room. This should help your baby sleep.

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