Top 5 Best Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels


What is testosterone? It is the male sex hormone produced in men’s testicles! Testosterone is the primary driver making young boys develop a deep voice, grow muscle, and hair. Testosterone levels in adulthood are vital for general health, sexual functions, and muscle mass. Check out below the list of our Top 5 natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

5 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

A man’s testosterone levels will naturally start to decrease by the age of 25-35. It might be a problem with obesity, increased illness risk, and in some cases, premature death. Luckily, there are natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

1. Diet Based on Protein, Carbs, and Healthy Fats

Your diet has an impact on testosterone levels. Long-term dieting or overeating can affect your testosterone levels. Protein intake can help you lose weight and maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Carbohydrates and healthy fats are good for health and testosterone. Plan a diet based on protein, whole foods, and healthy carbohydrates. It stands at #1 step in natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

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2. Weight Lifting and Exercise

If you want to boost your testosterone in the long-term, then the exercise and weight lifting is the best way! Physical activity and weight lifting can help lose weight, build muscle, decrease cardiovascular disease, and an increase in testosterone.

Try HIIT (High-intensity interval training), drink supplements such as creatine monohydrate and caffeine when you choose a training program. Stands on #2 in natural ways to increase testosterone.

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3. Get Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D has multiple benefits for health, and it may also increase testosterone levels naturally. Many people have a vitamin D deficiency. A study proved that a daily intake of 3.000 IU of vitamin D3 boosted testosterone by 25%.

You can get this vitamin from the pharmacy, online stores, or exposing your skin to sun rays.

4. Vitamin and Mineral 

Vitamin B and zinc supplements may be beneficial for you! In a study, researchers have found that sperm quality increased by 75% due to vitamin B and zinc supplement intake. Zinc can increase testosterone in people with zinc deficiency or athletes.

Vitamin C, E, and A can also stimulate your testosterone level, but studies point towards vitamin D and zinc as the best supplements. #4 in natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

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5. Natural Boosters

Researchers studied Ashwagandha in detail. They discovered that it had positive effects on infertile men. They have found that this plant increased testosterone by 17% and 168% increase in sperm count. For infertile men, the levels increased by 15% and lowered cortisol by 24-25%, which may also help increase testosterone.

Ginger extract, shilajit, Tongkat Ali may also be efficient. It stands at #5 in our list of Top 5 natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

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