MIG-21 – The Flying Coffin Aircraft Needs to Be Retired Immediately

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As we all know about the Pulwama attack in which our 44 soldiers were martyred and many more were injured. In the response, our soldiers have shown their bravery by doing the airstrike in Balakot district near POK where most of the terrorists were being trained. Since it hurt Pakistan, they also launched response attack by sending their F16 fighter planes that were retreated from India’s boundary by India’s fighter aircraft MIG-21. Unfortunately, during the chase, India’s air force wing commander Abhinandan accidentally reached Pakistani territory where the plane was crashed. After that, what happened is something we are all aware of.

Should MIG-21 Be Retired?

Now, the real question rises! How many of our brave soldiers have to sacrifice their lives with this “flying coffin” aircraft aka MIG-21? It’s, of course, not the first time when a MIG-21 got crashed. Recently, another MIG-21 was crashed in Shoba Sar ki Dhani area in Rajasthan. There is no doubt that this plane has played a vital role in Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 but it seems that the aircraft needs to be retired or replaced with something better.

To present another example, the MIG-21 was outperformed by Fresh aircraft MIRAJ in Kargil War in 1999. Since MIRAJ’s performance is flawless, IAF pilots do not prefer to use MIG-21. And the interesting thing is that India is the only country in this world still using the MIG-21. Rest of the countries have already retired this fighter plane. India is becoming a superpower and a superpower needs super powerful aircraft.


Why MIG-21 is Crashing too Often?

Back in the 1990s, India’s former defense minister A.K. Anthony informed Indian parliament that we have lost more than half of MIG-21 aircraft and we need to get our hands on new aircraft. In response, the govt. claimed that they do not have funds to buy new aircraft and instead, they will upgrade the aircraft. It’s already been 20 years and the aircraft still remains in the fleet.

Another question, which people have been asking, is why this aircraft is crashing too often? The answer to this question is pretty simple. Since it packs old and retired technology, it can’t be used anymore. The aircraft was bought from USSR back in 1963 and the manufacturers of this aircraft stopped its production in 1980 which means Indian govt. can’t upgrade it. Heck, they can’t even find the new parts.

Coming to the conclusion, Modi govt. has done many advancements over the last couple of years and the Indian army has been given with some of the unbeatable weapons. So, the govt. need to retire this aircraft and we believe that it would only be done after the govt. decides to add TEJAS aircraft in the fleet.

So what do you think? Will the Indian govt. retire this aircraft? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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