Micellar Water Can Destroy Your Skin If Not Used Correctly!

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Micellar water is a must-have in our beauty kit. It is capable to dissolve even the toughest eye shadows and mascara. And it’s a great modality to remove makeup. But this wonder product can have harmful effects if not used correctly.


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What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water it’s a solution for skin cleansing, and it is applied similar to tonic lotions”- says dermatologist Sam Bunting for Glamourmagazine.co.uk.

Although it has a liquid base, it contains small molecules that trap dirt and remove impurities from the skin,” adds the doctor.

What harmful effects does micellar water have?

The problem is not the micellar water itself, but the way it sits on the skin, being a product designed not to be left on the skin.

Micelles are essentially surfactants or oil-in-water molecules. While many people can tolerate a small number of surfactants left on their skin after cleansing, some people who have sensitive skin do not tolerate them as well, “says Dr. Bunting.

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Surfactants are considered harmless in cosmetics but should be avoided if you have dry or sensitive skin. Common ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) should be used with caution.  Regarding water micelles, the potential to be harmful to the skin consists not only in the fact that it remains on the skin. These could block the next step in your care ritual – they make your lotions, creams, and serums less effective and less moisturizing, and can even cause the appearance of pimples.

How to use micellar water!

Dr. Bunting gave us a very simple solution. “Wash your face after using micellar water, I always recommend face washing to remove every impurity”- says Dr. Bunting.

It seems that the potential risks can be canceled if you assure that the micellar water does not stay on the skin – no matter what the label says on the product. But it is important to remember that it is not necessary to clean the skin even more. This excess of zeal can cause problems for any type of skin.

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Effective cleansing is required in any skincare routine to maintain clear pores and balance sebum production. Micellar water tends to clean only the surface of the skin, unlike other products that work in depth. Therefore, if you want to use micellar water, it is preferable to include it in a multi-step cleaning ritual.

The micellar water must be part of a two-step cleaning ritual. It is especially useful in the evening when it helps you remove makeup, dirt, perspiration, and impurities from the skin surface. A second cleaning step should include a gel or lotion for washing your skin. So cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying products containing active ingredients such as retinol, “-says dermatologist Anjali Mahto.

If you keep micellar water in your closet, you better check out the ingredients list, the fewer, the better! I prefer those that do not contain ingredients such as perfume or essential oils. Ironically, simple and inexpensive alternatives are the best “.

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