Men’s Grooming Tips 2019: How to Take Care of Your Body and Look Good in Summers?

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Looking good is never a crime and you can do it right this Cricket season! It is sure to keep the excitement levels high and to make the most out of it, you can head out to the stadium to catch a game as it unfolds. Caring for your skin and hair will help you fight with the Sun in summers. Gentlemen! Welcome to Men’s Grooming Tips 2019 and today we are going to tell you about how to look good and take care of your body in Summers.

With the help of Men’s Grooming Guide, you can maintain your looks and take care of your body while going out in summers. Here are a few tips that will help you look good and take care of your body in summers.

Look Good in Summers

How to Look Good in Summers While Taking Care of Your Body? – Men’s Grooming Tips 2019

1. Shower Care

Who wouldn’t love a hot and refreshing shower to boost your energy up during this cricket season? Cleanse your body and fix yourself with a set of sportswear and rock it on the field. Just going to relax and watch a game with friends? Slip-in to your casuals and hunk yourself before stepping out. Be it a player or a spectator, who wouldn’t want to look their handsome self? Check out below-mentioned tips that will help you look good in summers while taking care of your body.

Go for these tips:

  • Use a soap that can clean thoroughly without drying your skin and that can also give you a fresh fragrance. Try out the soaps especially designed for summer which leaves you feeling calm and minty fresh.
  • For your hair, use a nourishing shampoo that gives adequate moisture since your hair will be exposed to heat while you are playing or cheering in the stadium. The shampoo with grape-seed oil not only cleanses your hair and scalp but also leaves them feeling soft and silky. The beer based shampoo is also a good choice to prevent your hair from frizz or extreme dryness.

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2. Moustache and Beard Care

Bring out the hunk in you by styling them right. Check out below-mentioned men’s grooming tips 2019.

  • Use beard oil to moisturize your moustache/beard thoroughly and let it soak in to smoothen and de-frizz before you use a special shampoo for the cleansing.
  • Styling them also means you use the right product to help retain the perfect shape. To keep rogue hair controlled and show off your perfect beard and moustache, you can use natural wax that is imbued with tea tree oil, Vitamin E, beeswax and more that is safe for skin too.
  • Washing and combing your beard and moustache should be a part of your regular grooming habits and what better way to do this than to invest in a comprehensive beard kit which includes (Beard oil, beard wash, moustache wax and a beard comb).

3. Shaving Care

If you are clean shaven then you need to pay attention to these essential men’s grooming tips 2019.

  • Start with pre- shave foam that gives you a rich, creamy lather so that you can easily shave for smooth, consistently flawless skin.
  • Choose your shaving blades with care to ensure you get a close shave but without nicking the skin.
  • Wash your face thoroughly to remove all trace of the shaving cream. For the final touch add a dash of amazing fragrance to your freshly shaved skin.

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4. Body Odor

Be a player or a viewer, because you will have to spend hours under the sweltering sun and you are definitely going to sweat. With sweat, comes body odor and that can be really discomforting especially if you are out with friends. But doesn’t need to keep you from enjoying your match. Breaking a sweat is something you cannot avoid while you are being active or if you are even sitting under the sun. Apart from sweat smell, the excess toxins which come out may infect especially of you have sensitive skin. Follow below-mentioned procedures to look good in summers while taking care of your body.

  • Use talc made to ward off prickly heat and to absorb sweat to beat the stinky situation. Make generous use of the talc right after your shower before you dress up.
  • Let a whiff of you last as you walk by. Carry a roll on your pocket, to keep the underarm sweat smell away. You can apply it once before you dress up.
  • Spray it away! Deodorants are lifesavers for most situations. They last longer and you can stay confident for hours when you’re out.

Once you have done all of this, you are mow ready to face the world, cheer your team on to a big win and look super cool while doing it all. For more men grooming tips read our article Men’s grooming tips!

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