Joy and Pride of Work

How your vocation can be the most joyful

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Hard work banishes the three evils- boredom, vice, and poverty. When you do any work completely absorbed in it, what happens to your mind? As per the Self-help guru, your mind gets to be in a state of ‘Flow’. You forget all about yourself, your surroundings, petty problems or trivial concerns. As you lose your ego, that ‘Ego-less’ period produces joy. It cherishes your mood, fills your mind with immense pleasure and satisfaction.
I believe that every person should do one’s work and feel a great level of joy and pride in doing it excellently. When you are deeply interested and thoroughly engaged in your work, you feel like a winner from the sense of accomplishment from completing a difficult task. Your self-love and confidence increase. You are no longer tempted to think any evil (immoral) thoughts, do any evil and the energy and passion you devote with focus and concentration in the hard work purify you from within.
Your vices settle down like mud in the river bed, and your character shines from within. Your joy and pride illuminate your personality. You carry an aura of brilliance that spreads smiles, enlightens others, and inspires many people. You are internally driven when you do your work with the sole focus to complete it in the best possible way and let that work speak volumes of your confidence, courage, character, and conviction.

When you are too focused on getting results by hook or by crook, spinning money, or you do the work that you don’t enjoy and are forced to do it, you are externally driven. In such a scenario, you become tempted to take short-cuts; to avoid drudgery and adopt immoral or corrupt means to do the work. You want to get the result anyhow simply to satiate your ego or make a new status statement or hollow reputation.
Corruption begins from here. As you believe that having larger or more cars, bigger flat or fat bank balance, living a more luxurious lifestyle than your neighbor will bring you more joy and will define your ‘ standing’ in the society, you become more and more focused on spinning wealth and collecting greater material possessions. You become a selfish person, lost in the jungle of desire and lust. You lose all joy and blessings of life in the pursuit of satiating your ego and redefining your status and reputation. Once you get into the habit of using the corrupt means to aggrandize wealth and possessions, these thoughts and actions never stop as one road leads to another and the fulfillment of one desire leads to the other. You find yourself trapped in the vicious cycle of – more wealth-more joy: More material- more pleasure and so on.

Set your focus or compass on the right point as per the directions of your conscience. Rethink your priorities. Evaluate the intrinsic value of a purpose or goal. Think long-term and redefine the basis of your pleasure, motivation, and your objectives in life. Once you set for the journey on to the right path, believe me, you can be happier without corruption, more joyful with the least concern of your bank balance or material possessions. Do your work for the joy of its completion, unleashing your creativity, and feeling proud of it.

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