Jessie J Has Been Diagnosed With Infertility. How Did She Changed Her Lifestyle To Become Mother

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The famous British singer Jessie J, was diagnosed with infertility in 2014. Infertility is a problem that more and more women are facing today. But very few of them speak openly about their private lives. Finding out that you cannot have children is terrible news, which can put an imprint on your emotional and mental health.

She made this confession only last year, during a concert, and recently said that she made some changes in the diet to become a mother. Although it is a terrible diagnosis that no woman wants to receive, Jessie J said she “has not given up fighting to be healthy.”

Jessie J changed her diet after being diagnosed with infertility

It was not easy for the singer to make this confession about her life. But this year she decided to talk openly about the experience she is going through and the changes she has decided to make.

In a recent interview for a radio station, Jessie J said she made many changes in diet and lifestyle. The purpose of these changes is to be able to become a mother one day.

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I have always been an open and honest person. Four, five years ago, I was diagnosed with infertility. Since then it has been very difficult for me to be the same person. I was told that I would never be able to have children. But I can’t believe this. I think there are miracles. And I am not yet ready to give up.”

Jessie J said that she made many new decisions in her life from that moment. She made some adjustments, hoping that one day this diagnosis will no longer define her.

“In recent years I have made many changes in diet. I changed my lifestyle and worked very hard with myself. And I still am in a transformation process.”

Healthy Lifestyle of Jessy J

Jessie J has adopted a healthy lifestyle that helps in any condition. She started doing exercise regularly and avoid sugar as much as possible and generally high glycemic foods. Instead, focus on good proteins and fats, such as eggs, avocado or mushrooms. Consume meat but in moderate quantities. Her lunch most often consists of baked chicken breast and a large salad or whole rice in the days when she works hard in the gym. Red beans and cabbage are other foods high in fiber and calcium that you want to include in your diet.

Jessy J spoke for the first time about infertility in 2018

It is not the first time when Jessie J opens in front of the public. She spoke about this problem in 2018, during a concert.  Jessie J made this confession while on stage, before performing the song “Four Letter Word”. A song in which she talks about the desire to become a mother.

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“I didn’t make this confession to win your sympathy. Because I’m one of those millions of women and men who can’t have children,” Jessie J said at the time.

“The fact that we cannot have children does not define us. But I wanted to write this song for myself, to overcome this pain more easily and to be with everyone who faces this problem.”

“When I turned 25, something in me changed. I feel like I’m going to become a mother. I know I’m made to be a mom,” Jessie J told Marie Claire Magazine in 2013.

Her partner, Channing Tatum, was with her morally and supported her at all times. After Jessie J spoke publicly about the issue, Channing posted a picture on her Instagram account, accompanied by a message of encouragement. Channing said he is proud of his partner and the fact that he had the courage to speak openly about such a personal thing.

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