Interview Makeup, 5 Beauty Products Recommended by Business Women

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Interviews are not easy at all, especially when you want to get the job you applied for. Anxiety is normal in such situations, but you can easily get rid of emotions with … “interview makeup!”

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You read right!!! Interview makeup can help you diminish the state of agitation or even eliminate it completely. There is no secret in the middle, but a logical explanation. When you feel confident in your look, your attitude changes radically.

When you love the clothes you wear and know that your makeup looks perfect. you will enter the employer’s door with your head up, ready to get the job you came for.

Interview Makeup, 5 Cosmetic products recommended by business women


1. Mascara Better Than Sex Too Faced

Interview Makeup, 5 Beauty Products Recommended by Business Women

Marianna Hewitt interviewed Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and not only during her TV career. Currently, it has over one million followers on social networks and own cosmetics sold by Sephora.

When it comes to makeup, Marianna recommends this intense mascara, with perfect application that looks “almost as good as a pair of false eyelashes.”

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“I wore this mascara on the Sephora interview. When I left the meeting room, I started crying and mascara from Too Faced heroically resisted, “says Marianna.

2. Retro Matte Lipstick MAC Cosmetics

Interview Makeup, 5 Beauty Products Recommended by Business Women

Deepica Mutyala is the creator of the Live Tinted online community and has become famous with an unprecedented tutorial: how to use the red lipstick to get rid of the dark circles.

“I love the idea of bold colored lips at an interview. Exudes confidence and courage, “says Deepica.

When interviews or important meetings are held, she is wearing matte MAC lipstick, and her favorite shade is Ruby Woo. The Influencer says it is essential to give the interlocutors a very hard-to-forget and ignored image, and lipstick with an attitude can do wonders.

3. Les 4 Ombres Chanel

Interview Makeup, 5 Beauty Products Recommended by Business Women

Sarah Sheldon has worked over the years for companies such as Tiffany & Co., Neiman Marcus, Chanel, and Rebecca Minkoff. She is the sales manager and she was named one of the most successful businesswomen.

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When she talks about interviews, Sarah says she doesn’t want to attract her interlocutors’ attention with her makeup. “I go on the principle of less is more. I use these light and neutral shades to illuminate the area under the eyebrows or the inner corner of my eyes, “she explains.

The Chanel makeup kit is her favorite because she can build simple looks with a fantastic effect. Give it a try to create your interview makeup.

4. Tattoo Liner Kat von D

Interview Makeup, 5 Beauty Products Recommended by Business Women

Annie Chen works in a world dominated by men: the hip-hop industry. She has worked for Snoop Dogg’s agency, and now she is vice president of the Mass Appeal group.

“When I walk into a room, I want to know I’m coming out with the most beautiful skin,” says Annie. That’s why she uses the eyeliner from Kat von D, which enhance her eyes and always gives an energetic and ready look. The best eyeliner for interview makeup.

5. Naked 2 Basis Urban Decay

Interview Makeup, 5 Beauty Products Recommended by Business Women

Lili Gil Valletta is co-founder and CEO of CulturIntel company, after leaving the marketing director post at Johnson & Johnson. Entrepreneur says makeup should emphasize your traits and help you look confident and fresh. “You want to attract attention towards the brain, not to your red lips!”, says Lili. She knows everything about interview makeup.

She uses the Urban Decay pallet with confidence and says she loves to wear a Smokey look in subtle shades of brown and terracotta.

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