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Incident In The Japan Sea: A Russian Military Aircraft Entered The South Korean Airspace-The Army Fired Warning Shots!


The South Korean army has launched two warning shots in the direction of a Russian military army entering Tuesday in South Korean airspace, the South Korean Defense Ministry announced, according to Reuters.

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South Korean Airspace Fired Warning Shots

Also, two Chinese aircraft entered without permission in South Korea’s airspace.

The incident on Tuesday was the first time a Russian aircraft has breached the South Korean airspace, claimed an official from the Ministry of Defense.

Currently, the authorities in Russia and China have not provided details of this incident. The South Korean government will file formal complaints following Tuesday morning events, the official said.

According to the South Korean military, the Russian aircraft violated South Korea’s airspace around 9.00 (local time), in the Dokdo Island area, which is also claimed by Japan as its own territory. “The South Korean military has taken tactical measures, including launching warning shots,” – the South Korean Defense Ministry communicated in a statement.

The Russian aircraft left the South Korean airspace but returned after about 20 minutes, and the South Korean army launched another warning fire. The ministry has reported that South Korean aircraft sent “normally responded” to the incursion without providing further details.

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