How to Match the Necktie With Shirts? | Fashion Guide 2019

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Some men have different tastes when it comes to matching the necktie with a shirt. You don’t believe it? Take a look at your colleagues at work. Office life requires you to choose impressive combinations that make your daily routine more exhilarating.

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The artistic approach of an assortment of a shirt with a necktie will allow you to affirm yourself even in the work environment. Be careful because this task can fail. So any man should know how to match the necktie to suit and shirt.

How to match necktie with shirts
How to match the colors with necktie and shirts!

Let’s start with the color palette, more precisely with the chromatic circle. This is easy to use even for novices in the fashion world to find out which are the most successful color combinations. After this system, the colors are divided into primary (red, yellow and blue), secondary (created by combining primary colors) and complementary (created by combining a primary color and a secondary color).

How to match necktie with shirts

If you are wondering how to match the tie with a shirt by color, then it is based on the opposite shades. Thus, the blue shirt and burgundy tie (a variety of red color) in combination with a dark blue suit is considered a classic style.
Complementary colors are hard to combine in a single set, so this combination is too constraining to our eyes. But here is a solution, using the shades. Thus, a blue shirt will look perfect in combination with a brown-orange tie, and not one in orange color.

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How to choose the perfect tie in the store?

There are a few rules that can help even those who are not sure of their tastes. First of all, we recommend choosing matte, not glossy fabrics. Second, the texture looks more interesting than print.
Before choosing a suit tie, don’t forget that the thickness of the tie should be as close as possible to the width of the costume knives.

Necktie and White Shirt

Do you like white shirts? Then your tie needs to be more expressive, and here we talk about constraining prints, lighted shades, small and medium strips. Cotton can be matched with silk.

How to match necktie with shirts

Necktie with Light Pink and Light Blue Shirts

The fashion of a light pink shirt comes from the Mediterranean Sea. This was quickly approached by those who prefer to wear summer outfits in light shades. To complement such a set, we recommend neckties in the following shades:

Here we have a few options:
– Light blue tie with a highlighted texture (even knitted).
– Brown-orange
– Mustard, claret, reddish brown, and other shades of red and yellow, opposite color shades of blue
– Dark Green

How to wear necktie with shirts

Necktie with Striped Shirts

To a striped shirt, the tie should be chosen with special attention not to get that “overloaded” look. An ideal choice would be “blocks,” but be careful that the thickness of the stripes to be different. In addition, the small stripes at the bottom assume the presence of wider stripes above and vice versa. For this, not only the thickness can be different, but also the direction of the stripes.

How to wear necktie with shirts



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