Healthy Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics

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Daily we’re being assaulted by refined sugar with lots of sugar & other ingredients not quite good for our health. It is difficult to resist the sweet temptation at least once in a few days. Sugar consumption creates dependence and sometimes it’s keep away from us some important nutrients. Diabetes and from any other health reasons we’re forced to limit sugar consumption. That’s why we came with some good sugar substitutes to replace refined sugar with a healthier version. Healthy Sugar Substitutes.

Healthy Sugar Substitutes | Health Guide 2019

1. Stevia Syrup | Healthy Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics

It is extracted from the leaves of Stevia original from Brazil and it’s 300 times sweeter than sugar. It has a very small glycemic index and zero calories. It can be found in the syrup form or powder, which it’s the most suitable for cakes. It’s a wonder plant thanks to its benefits and vitamin A, C, magnesium, iron contents which reduce blood sugar. Suitable for diabetics.

Healthy Sugar Substitutes | Health Guide 2019


2. Honey | Healthy Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics

A very handy natural substitute. It’s much healthier than sugar, contains many more minerals, antioxidants which helps the immune system. But contains a little bit more calories than sugar. The biggest advantage in comparison with sugar it’s its rich taste. In recipes 100 grams sugar it’s being replaced with 125 grams of honey. And the other liquid ingredients should be reduced by 1 spoon each.

Healthy Sugar Substitutes | Health Guide 2019

3. Maple Syrup | Healthy Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics

In comparison with honey contains fewer calories and more minerals (magnesium, zinc). It’s recommended in pancake recipes, cakes or biscuits, and it can be used for ice cream too. It has a distinct & strong flavor that’s why it’s hard to associate it with other ingredients. Be careful what you buy, pure maple syrup it’s not that cheap and it doesn’t have fructose or artificial sweeteners in its composition.

Healthy Sugar Substitutes | Health Guide 2019

4. Molasses | Healthy Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics

With a big glycemic index, it’s not recommended in big quantities. It has a dark brown color and a light bitter taste and can’t be utilized in any recipe. It is ideal for cereal recipes, in sauces or other recipes that should contain sugar in it. The rich content of essential minerals: magnesium, calcium, iron, and copper, very important for the organism.


5. Coconut Sugar | Healthy Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics

It is obtained by the thermal processing of coconut flower buds. It’s processed under multiple forms: liquid, granules or powder. Good source of zinc, calcium, and potassium. Coconut sugar it’s ideal for sauces or cooked food. But it has many calories, one spoon 45 calories.

There is a large range of sugar substitutes but not all of them are calories free. More than that, no matter what substitute you choose, it should be consumed moderately. Health Guide 2019.


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