Health Guide: How to Have A Healthy Life without Stressing too Much

Principles of a healthy lifestyle

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We all want a happy and long life where disease and troubles can’t touch us. But what do we need to do to achieve this goal? In case you didn’t know, 80% of your health depends on your lifestyle, your meals and whether you’re doing sports or not if you are resting enough, what kind of emotions and feelings you’re experimenting. Our Health Guide will help you!

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Rest of the 20% it’s genetically transmitted or it’s linked with the environment and health system of the country you’re living in. So this health guide is going to help you.

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So the lifestyle it’s the number of choices you’re making on a daily basis, which have a short or long term impact on you. Here we have examples for a healthy lifestyle. Respect the principles of optimal nutrition. Fortunately, a healthy diet doesn’t need to be a challenge for anyone. Works on the same principles like other things in life as you practice something more and more, it gets easier to make it.

Even if there are hundreds of theories of a healthy diet you have to keep in mind a healthy lifestyle. Eat whole foods, unprocessed. I know it’s nearly impossible to avoid all the chemicals and processed foods from your daily menu, but try to consume as few as possible from processed products.

In general what goes in your stomach should contain a single “ingredient”: fruits, vegetables, nuts (some types of meat), eggs. You need to avoid white carbohydrates and sugars, reduce the quantity of bread, pasta, cakes, bakery products, cereals with flavors, fries and so on. If you want to follow this health guide, you will be healthy.

Try to include a variety in your diet. Our organism is complex and needs a variety of nutrients for proper functioning.  It’s important to consume fatty acids like Omega-3: like salmon, flax seeds, nuts, beans, and soya. Micro-nutrients are very important: all the vitamins and minerals our body needs for an optimal function.

Consume big quantities of vegetables. Be careful to eat at least 7 vegetable servings, usually influences your happiness and health. Leafy vegetables are very healthy for example spinach but also calciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage.

There is no limit for vegetables in contrast to fruits. Fruits are very important in your diet because it contains antioxidants and nutrients but some of them contain an amount of sugar and it needs to be consumed with moderation. Practice any physical activity to have a long life without diseases alongside a healthy diet.

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You need sport, find a few exercises or sports which attracts you and practice them constantly. Eliminate stress from your life and offer to your body enough time to rest (relaxing, sleep), this way your organism will adjust and you will feel full of energy day by day. So follow this health guide and make your livelihood better.

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